Dec 27, 2008

Rubik my friend, I will defeat you.

I admit, with a little bit of reluctance, I enjoy getting gifts. I don't mean that in a selfish way. After all, I work hard at giving to others. However, Wife and I usually spoil each other pretty good when Christmas comes around. Its a time to indulge a little in the things I normally would shun because of cost or practicality.

This year, when asked what I wanted, I couldn't really think of anything at all. I tried. But I was at somewhat of a loss. I couldn't come up with anything in particular.

Fortunately, Wife is horribly attentive to my needs as a person, and actually listens and remembers when I talk about things that interest me. So for Christmas, on of my stocking stuffers was a Rubik's Cube.

A brief history: The Cube was invented by Erno Rubik in 1974. Wanting a simple model to help explain three dimensional geometry, Erno invented one of the worlds best selling toys. The original name for it was "The Magic Cube." The ideal toy company later named "The Rubik's Cube" in 1980. If you made a single turn of one of the Cube's faces every second, it would take you 1,400 million years to work through all the possible configurations. The fastest time recorded for solving a Rubik's Cube is 8.27 seconds (now that is pretty darned fast).

I have done a little internet research, and there is a surprising amount of information about the Cube out there. Included in this information is the solution, and their seems to be many that are applicable and real. I however, will not be planning on using the solutions as a helper. I understand there is logic to the Cube. I understand there is actual mathematical algorithms that apply to the solution of the cube. These things are beyond me.

But the challenge, ah the challenge. That one I get.

So, I officially started my quest for the solution on December 26, 2008 at 1200 hours. I will be updating my blog with its own section on the side bar, to keep track of how long it actually takes me.

Let the quest begin.

Dec 16, 2008

Christmas is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat; Now if Only I had a Haypenny

I wish that I had a good excuse for not getting back to the world at a sooner date than this. However, I don't have one. I could make a couple up I guess.

For instance, the room my computer is in is a shambles right now. This makes it very unappealing to sit and concentrate on posting a blog. I could say that work has been somewhat hectic and I have generally just been tired when I get home at night. I could say that I have been busy putting up holiday decorations (but this would be not only an excuse, but an all out lie). So in the end, I simply have been finding other things to do rather than post. I don't like that. I feel almost obligated at times, and the obligation gives me some amount of purpose when I might not otherwise have any.

So I want to talk about the holidays. After all, it is the holiday season. One of the things I am not good at is decorating (ad even worse at taking decorations down). Most times, it goes about as far as a tree and some lights. Last year I went as far as hanging up some lights outside the house. This year, though, I am going back to tree only (one of the reasons for this is money is a little tight and getting new lights for outside and then the added cost of PG&E is a bit daunting). But the tree is important.

We don't skimp on the tree either. Always the Noble Fir. A good looking, and wonderful smelling tree. And we get big ones too. Well, big for our little home and the space we put it in. We got our tree on Saturday. Sadly, it has sat decorationless since then. Fortunately we have tonight set aside for decorating. So a little straightening of the living room, a little tree decorating and some present wrapping and things are going to be in good order. The house wreaks of pine (or technically fir) and that is one of my favorite things at the holidays. Wife loves egg nogg, which I also am fond of, so we also keep plenty of that in stock.

Now, while I love getting gifts (I know, that sounds selfish, but its true; and Wife and I have a horrible habit of spoiling each other), I also love to give. I thank my parents for instilling such a trait. I don't have a lot this year I can give to others, besides those closest to me. So my solution?

On Christmas Morning I will be at work at 0545. I usually have a strict no work on Christmas policy. However, this year I will be going in to work until noon so someone else can spend time with his or her family that morning. I don't think its much, but is a nice gesture that will hopefully be appreciated.

In the end, its my favorite time of the year. People are generally in a good mood, the rainy season here is starting (another part of the season I love) and it gives me a good excuse to listen to Christmas albums.

Its a little early, but Happy Holidays to my friends and loved ones.
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