Feb 2, 2010

A Critique of Myself.

And now, my own review of my own writing, after all, I will be my own worst critic.

Critique numero uno:  I am not a man of paptience, and I fear this may hinder my goal of publication within the year.  Over the course of last week I a made an effort to work on my little piece at least once a day.  I really put some effort into the whole idea of putting some effort into this project.  As the week went on, I realized I am so used to writing "just the facts" I was getting impatient with the whole story process because I wanted to get to the meat of the story faster than I was. 

Details, details.  Really?  I know, that's one of the main points of these writing exercises.  Details.  Its about telling a story.  One of the worst parts about this whole "Flat On My Back" story is there is when I got to the end of the story I really didn't have much to say about it.  Isn't that rediculous?  So I need to be a little more particular about my choice of story material.  Another aspect of this simple story was the end was really the end.  There was nothing more to say.  I couldn't even come up with anything to make it an open ended story.  I felt as though I reached the climax of my story and when all was said and done and I was out of breath, I really just fealt disappointment. 

Now, on top of that, I purposefully chose not to edit the whole thing.  I read in a number of places editing is a writer's worst enemy.  And as I was typing I had to fight the urge to go back, re-read, and make changes.  And while this is supposed to be good for the writer, I found it irritating  more than anything else.  I have only re-read my last entry once.  I can see a few places where I would have made a change or two.  So in my next installlment I intend to do a small amount editing in order to better to get my point across.

We'll see how that goes.

So, I'll be starting my next peice tomorrow.  In it, I will attempt to delve into my facination with SCUBA diving and the underwater world.  I should be able to be a little more open at the end, as its more of a continuing story rather than a single event. 

Stay tuned for more.


  1. We are often our own worst critics. I am looking forward to you next installment!

  2. Excellent! Can't wait! JM

  3. a friend of mine wants to write a novel... one of her preparation exercises is to read lots and lots of other novels. I guess immersing yourself in that kind of literature day in and day out helps your brain think in novel-writing terms. Make sense? Christy


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