May 11, 2011

Motivation finds a new name, in the form of an American classic.

What happened? It was going so smoothly. It was going so swimmingly? I suppose it should suffice to say it was going good. I was a blog posting fool  And then it all fell apart. I pretty much gave up. As an example of how bad things have gotten, as I am writing this I haven’t even bookmarked my blog on my new netbook I got last Christmas. 

I started blogging in 2007.  In 2007, I posted a total of 27 entries.  While that may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, it should be noted that those were all done in the month of December alone.  In 2008 I upped the ante to a whopping 104 entries.  A small breakdown shows averages of 8.6 entries per months.  With an average of four weeks per month, that’s 2.16 entries per week.  I think, in 2008, I had a lot to say. 

Sadly, as I review my entries for 2009 and 2010, the numbers get progressively worse.  in 2009 I averaged a total of 6.1 entries per month.  and in 2010, it was an abysmal 1.75 per month.  And so far for 2011? 

Well, this is it so far.

Wow.  Pathetic.

So, it has been occurring to me that I am lacking some focus.  I’m lacking some direction.  I couldn’t tell you the number of drafts I have started and ultimately left unfinished over the course of the last few weeks. 

So what’s missing?  What happened?  I had thought to look up a few different motivation quotes which I thought would be appropriate while addressing this issue.  However, I’m not a motivational quote kind of guy.  I found a few which I thought might have some merit when applied to myself, but really there was nothing earth shattering or life changing.  It was simply interesting, and not much more. 

And so I sit here at my netbook, reflecting on the past six months. And I have to say, one theme has been recurring more and more:  Motorcycle riding. 

I bought my bike when I was 21.  I have had the same one for 13 years now.  Its in remarkably good shape, and still runs very well (after a little work I had done to tune things up a bit, of course).  And who can complain about getting 47 miles to the gallon?  Not I, especially when its $4.50 a gallon up here on the north coast.

Truth be told, I love riding that thing.  Now, 13 years ago I told myself this was a starter.  I would upgrade in a few years to something more, uh… mean.  Lets face it, until I put the custom pipes on this thing, a lawn mower was louder than the motor on this thing.  Not to mention, there just isn’t a lot of bike under me.  Its small. And at 70 mph, it feels like the road is a little too close at times, and there is just isn’t enough machine under me. 

And then there is the issue of putting D on the back.  While I consider myself fortunate enough to have a wife who enjoys riding with me, she doesn’t like riding the shadow because the seat is so small and there is no back rest (I know its called a sissy bar, but D is anything but a sissy). 

So my goal for the the future, you ask??   What has me motivated so?  Allow me to show you….

street glide

Yes folks, that there is the 2011 Harley Davidson Street glide.  103 cubic inch motor, ABS brakes, stereo, and keyless security package. 

Oops, pardon me while I wipe the drool from my chin.  Craziest thing is D is completely on board with this purchase… with a few caveats. 

  1. We are paying off any unsecured debt we have first. 
  2. With the increase in riding that I am doing lately, I need to actually purchase some safety equipment.  Jacket and pants mainly, I already have the other needed items.
  3. Last, no more open face helmet riding when on extended rides out of town.  If I do wreck (which I really hope I don’t) she doesn’t want my face to disintegrate when I go sliding across the asphalt.
  4. And lastly, there is to be a back rest purchased for her.

Ok.  These are doable. Over the last couple of months we have made a serious dent in the unsecured debt (that’s credit cards, people).  Already I have a jacket and pants picked out.  And I have a closed face helmet, I just need to start wearing it. 

I recently stopped by Harley Davidson of Vacaville.  There, I sat on the Street Glide.  My rump practically melted into the saddle.  It was like it was made especially for my rear end alone.  It was calling to me.  It wanted me to be riding it. 

And soon, soon, it will be mine.  Oh yes.  It will be mine.

And lastly, as more of a side note (or in this case, more of a post script), I’m looking to rename my wayward blog.  I say wayward, because indeed it seems as though it has lost its way and is in need of finding.  Stay tuned for more on this.

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