Mar 7, 2012

Beijing Day 3 - The Olypic Site, Lots of Jade, and The Great Wall of China

Today, although we didn't actually see as many places as yesterday,
was still impressive on every level.

The Olymic Site was pretty cool, although a little short lived. We
walked by, shot some pictures as we went, and then went to the Jade

Jade is amazing. Everything there is hand crafted, and some pieces,
such as the large friggate, known as the Dragon Boat, took over two
months to complete by three masters, adn was cut from a single piece
if Jade.

The Great Wall was nothing short of amazing. As a group we walked up
on the wall, and since dad had been there before and went to the
right, we simply went to the left.

The pictures don't really do it justice, and I'll have more posted to
Picassa when we get home, since China doesn't allow access to it. Its
been a long day, and we are all wiped out.

More to come tomorrow.

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