Jun 30, 2009

A posting from Ben

Hi this is ben i'm really boredand my dad was writing so I decide to. I've never done this before but I'm just going to write down whats going on.

todays my dads birthday so we're going to The Ritz! They cook the food at the table! I've been there before and its awsome!Oh,this really is me typeing not my dad typeing what I say.

We went camping last weekend.they had an arcade. And a store and the people there were very nice. the river was cold but fun bear(our dog)had a great time. but kind of got raw paws.But hes ok.

Well bye!

(The preceding post was written by my son, who was excited to post something.)


  1. Hi Ben! Nice job on the post! Glad to hear what you are up to. How was dinner? Iver and I have been to the Ritz, too, and it is pretty fun and yummy. Did you catch any food in your mouth when the chef tossed it to you? I don't do well at that.
    That crazy Bear -- he just can't stop playing, can he?
    Have a great day! Janine

  2. Very nice! Sounds like you are having fun with dad!!


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