Nov 26, 2012

Off the Wagon and On Again

Lets face it:  I have fallen off the wagon. 

Now, the term “falling off the wagon” has many connotations, the most popular or well know version of this slogan refers to an alcoholic’s failure to abstain from the booze.  Mine is not so dramatic (which I am actually pretty grateful for). 

The real issue here is the inability follow through on things.  There are two which come to the forefront of mind more than any others:


Running.  I actually enjoy the sport.  Which in and of itself is a surprise.  After all, I watched Dad run my whole life; and I avoided it, and most other forms of exercise, like I avoid third degree burns and bleach in the eyes.  But then I started doing it, and found it to be quite enjoyable.  But once your off the wagon, getting started again is a #*%@*.


I don’t know how interested people are in my personal life, and my views about said life, but I don’t think I care.  I put it out there, and if people care they can follow along.  If they don’t, no loss to me. 

I have been doing a little inner-soul-searching over the last few weeks about what to do with these two issues.  Lets start with running.  Obviously, weekly exercise is a good thing, and recommended by health professionals around the world.  That part is a no-brainer.  It’s the issue of feeling like I have to start over again.  That sucks. But so be it.  The only one stopping me is me.  So I guess I should quit whining and just go.

Blogging.  This one has perplexed me more times than not.  its an issue of not knowing what went wrong, and another issue of fixing this mysterious What-went-wrong.  In the past I have postulated my different theories on why the blogging fell off like it did.  I have made numerous attempts to overcome my issue and get back to the idea.  But its been a rough go. 

So here is what I am doing:


I’m going to quit whining.  I’m going to the gym after work.  I’m going to make an attempt to eat a little more consciously.


Well, by sheer virtue of the fact I am getting this typed, it should be obvious what I am doing.  Its not a matter of follow-through.

Stay tuned for more. 

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  1. I am in the same position. After I tore that tendon in my arm last summer I let it get to me. It really doesn't affect the function of the arm much but it just doesn't look right and it's a constant reminder that I'm in my 50's. SCREW THAT THINKING!!! I restarted the AM workouts two weeks ago and tonight I hit the treadmill after work. I feel better mentally already.. You know... The whole overcoming adversity thing. Anyway, I'm behind ya. Go get at it brother!


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