Sep 20, 2008

I went under the knife

The surgery was a success. I arrived at the surgery center at about 0830 hrs. For those of you unfamiliar with what a surgery center is, it is basically an out patient surgery center where in and out operations can be done at a much cheaper cost than staying at an actual hospital.
Once there, I was taken into the back where I as dressed in my hospital gown and given a bed. One of the things they want done before the operation is to have all jewelry removed. For me, this was somewhat easy, as the only real visible thing I wear is my wedding ring. Then I thought about the old nipple rings. They can come out. But its a hassle. So I asked, and apparently it was OK to simply tape them down with some gauze and medical tape.

Fortunately, I had my phone with me so when Delia was able to join me we were able to get some photos of this whole process. After we broke out the phone we noticed the blue sign posted right next to us.

Sadly, you can't see it very well. But it says that cell phone use is restricted to the lobby, and the lobby only.

We are rebels. Every now and then it feels good to stick it to the man, even in such a small and insignificant way.

Soon after the nurse came through, and asked a million questions about my health history and the operation. One of the things she included was a confirmation that the operation to take place was going to be on the Left ankle. After this, the operation room nurse came through. She did the same thing. She verified all the information that was taken by the pre-op nurse, then went on her way. Then the original nurse came back. She shaved my ankle up a bit, then again, verbally confirmed that the operation was going to be on the left ankle. After I agreed, she signed a sort of contract with me, using a sharpie marker.

This was done then the Doc came by. He didn't have a lot to say, but he checked in, as is customary, then disappeared again. Then the anesthesiologist came in. He was a pleasant fellow, and noted that I seemed exceptionally calm pending a surgery. Even so, he offered me something to "take the edge off." Although I didn't really feel an "edge" I couldn't see any reason to pass up an opportunity to make the whole experience a little more easy. So I readily accepted. After that, and after the dose of whatever it was started taking effect, the nurse came back and gave me my party hat.

I have to say, from this point on things became a little fuzzy. But apparently the "edge" was off and I was feeling fine. I was then wheeled the operating room, given a mask which was pumping in pure oxygen, and I later woke up shivering and cold (a standard side effect of anesthesia). After about an hour I was released back to the world.

All said, I arrived at about 0830 and was released around 1300. Pretty good. The surgery itself was more invasive than the Dr. originally intended. According to him, as he explained it to my wife, my ankle is a complete disaster. He had to make a larger incision than he wanted to, and 11 fragments of stuff were taken out and disposed of. I had asked I could keep the bone fragments but was rejected. On the plus side, he took pictures of everything, which I will post later. They are all the way across the house and I don't feel like trekking over there for them. So I'll probably do that tomorrow. In the mean time, I am reaping the benefits of being disabled.


  1. Wow. I never thought you were a nipple ring kind of guy. The things we learn on a blog.

    Glad to hear your surgery was a success and that you got in and out quickly. Be careful with those pain meds. And since I'm such a buddy, if you feel as if you are getting a little too dependent on those pills, I'd be happy to take them off your hands. ;)

  2. Dad and I were glad that we could be with you and are glad that everything went well. We are keeping our fingers crossed that you will have relief.
    The pictures were good and especially the picture of you "under the influence". It takes a confident man to admit that he had to tape down the nipple rings. We're so proud.
    Love ya, Mom


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