Sep 7, 2008

A year, and then some....

Last week, Delia and were sitting around talking about how we never seem to have very much free time and how fast time has been going lately. Then we realized that our 1 year anniversary was quickly approaching.

So we set a few ground rules. We are taking a cruise to Mexico in February, and all our free money is headed that way. So we decided not get gifts for each other. As for Dinner, we wanted some place we had never been before. So I started searching for a place to eat. There are numerous options available to the general lover of food, so I started searching. As it turns out, there are a whole slew restaurants that are not open Monday nights. In the end, we decided on Abruzzi, a rather fancy Italian eatery.

So I purchased some flowers and a card and planned for a evening of fine dinner and a little blackjack afterwards.

So we headed off to dinner. I had called ahead of time and let them know we were coming for our anniversary, which was a good thing. Everyone there who worked there offered their congratulations and best wishes. It really was pretty nice. With dinner ordered, a bottle of wine, we set into a fine meal, a really nice atmosphere, and good company. After all, there are very few people I would rather spend time with than the little lady.

We brought our wedding cake with us, which the restaurant took and put in the fridge while we ate. Then when it was time, they brought it out with a candle on it. It was all gussied up with mint leaves and flowers It was really nice.

Then they brought us rather large slices of cake, which were pretty good, even after being in the freezer for a year.

So it was a good night. Its been a quick year, and a good one. I'm looking forward to more.
Happy Anniversary to us.


  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you! Where did this year go?

    To many more happy years and memories we wish you the very best!

  2. We love you both so much. It looks like you had a great evening together. I'm glad the cake made it a year later. Here's to many, many, many years to come! Love ya Mom and Dad

  3. Awesome! Glad you found a great way to celebrate!!! Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  4. Congratulaions! It looks like you guys had a real fun night! Im jealus about the trip to mexico!


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