Feb 24, 2009

Unexpected Nature.

Of all things to find in Vacaville, a beaver lodge is not one of the ones I would expect to find.

A while back, along a jogging trail the city put together, a couple of beavers moved in and set up shop.

From what I understand, the Beavers have become something of local celebrities.  A one point the city attempted to remove them, but to no avail.  They have decided they like where they live and simply remade their home.  There is fear if there is enough rain the beaver activity wil end up causing flooding.  However, there has been enough public outcry to make the city cease and desist all attempts at disrupting their home.

So, in a city of nearly a hundred thousand, wild animals are still happy to call it home.  We then walked down the path for a little while, and its actually a pretty nice day.  The sun was out, intermittently, and it was actually on the warmer side.
A short walk down the trail and we found ourselves at the frog pond.  Here its prety muddy, and messy, so we didn't get to far unto it
I'll say one thing, if there is one thing that is certainly good for the soul, its taking a little boy who loves the living the heck out nature and letting him run wild in it. We had a pretty good time.  The only thing that would have made it better was if the other half was, cause I miss her.


  1. Too cute the both of you! Wow! What do those beavers think they are going to do with that BIG tree they are working on? They don't fool around! Thanks for the post. Hugs to The Boy from us. J

  2. We went to see the beaver pond last time we visited too... of course in October all the grass was dead and it looked a lot different than it does now... glad you had a good time!


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