Feb 25, 2009

A young boy is becoming a Man, right in front of my eyes.

I have to say, I'm pretty proud of my son.  For a number of reasons.  
Lets start with the Presidential Address.  Although he wanted to watch something else, he listened.  And he listened intently.  Odd, for a nine year old who can hardly finish his math homework without being tied to his chair.  
During the speech he understood that President Obama was talking about responsible spending. Ben then looked at me and asked if the President was talking about saving money. I told him that was correct. He then told me that his school, Gretchen Higgins, no longer has a librarian.  He said they have to go find their own books, with no help, and when they are done with the books, they have to be returned (by the students) exactly where the books were found. He explained that this is very difficult.  
Even a 9 year old feels the effects of this economic crisis, and he hopes that the President will be able to institute change, the kind that get him a librarian.  Well said Ben.  Well said.
Now, lets revisit the beaver pond.  When last we left, we had spent a nice time there, walking around and exploring every little place the beavers might be.  We have been there a few times now.  And every time, Ben talks about how dirty the place is.  And it is; there is a lot of trash. So after some time discussing our options, we decided the best thing we could do, in the Beaver -vs- the City of Vacaville fight, was to pick up some of the trash. 
I can't even begin to describe how proud I am of the little guy in this picture.  If there is one thing a divorced family can unanimously agree upon, its to bring up a child and help mold him into a man who is a good person. I'm pretty sure we are on the right track.Getting ready seemed important, right?  Always be prepared?  Glove up boys!This tree appears to be a popular snack bar.  Sorry Gramps, this is one snack you won't be eating. Get back to work!Ah, a couple of fine workers working for a couple of fine BeaversAhh, there is our dashing Narator.  Gloved up and NOT performing a proctological exam. Performing a public service.  Oh yeahWell, we picked up as much trash as we could fit into our bags we brought along.  I think we should have brought bigger bags (and stronger, mine was ripping when we were done).  Sadly, though, you can barely tell the difference.  But we did something good, and our intent was genuine.  And that alone is more than one soul needs in a weekend.
Thanks Ben, for giving that to me.


  1. I'm impressed. Good job Ben!!!! oh and I guess you too We can't wait for tomorrow night. We definetly needs some time away from our project.

  2. It was fun being out with Ben, Dad and Grandpa. I was the official photographer of the cleanup. Adam told us about the trash but we had no idea we would fill up bags and need more. Good job Ben! We need to take better care of our Mother Earth and her creatures.

  3. Excellent! Very good idea and way to spend part of a day. And even if you could barely see a difference, you DID make a difference as well as make some lifelong memories for Ben. Excellent photography, Grandma! Thank you! Janine


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