May 30, 2009

Weekend update.

Where the heck have I been? Its been a while since I have sat down and put anything meaningful here, and I'm pretty sure I won't be putting much now either.
I wish I could sit here and tell grand tales of adventure or put to words deep and ponderous thoughts full of moral lessons learned. Sadly, this is not to be. I will however do a little bit of catching up.
Working night shift has put a serious cramp in my general life. It throws off my home life and generally any other portion of life I am involved in. But I have accomplished a few things.
I got the berry vines out from the side of the garage. This was no easy task. The over growth was well over my head and the section of the backyard they had infested was about 4 feet by 20 feet. Yeah, yikes. So I got the hedge trimmer and got to work last Sunday morning. I should really take a moment to reiterate the fact that I am not really fond of rodents, and was terrified I would find more than a few while tackling this monumental task. So I got on some boots, a pair of sweat pants covered by jeans, a long sleeve shirt covered by a sweatshirt. Yeah, that's right, I was sweating my arse off while getting to work on this task. Not only was I afraid of a frantic critter attacking me as I demolished his home, I was not looking forward to the thorns the vines have for no apparent good reason (other than to make me miserable). So I hacked a few feet in, stomped and raked. Hack, stomp and rake. A few times using this general method left the entire place free of debree and the offending vines. I even managed to muster up the determination to load everything in the truck and take it all to the dump.
Hooray for me.
So there was some work done. There was also some fishing done. Dean and Iver and I made our first fishing trip of the season. Conditions were sub-optimal, but we had a pretty good time none the less. We left out of Trinidad and attempted to cruise to our normal haunts around the Pacific Coast. Much to our dismay the swells were higher and steeper than we had hoped they would be. But, being the determined fellows we are, we fished anyway.
Iver is hard pressed to take a moment to look away from the watery depths of the ocean.
It was more work than recreation. No, we didn't get commercial fishing permits, we had to work hard to stand upright and not go overboard. Dean, however, is never scared of taking a moment for a photo op.

In the end, we had a decent amount of fish for the taking, and were pleased that they day was so warm and enjoyable, if not the fishing conditions. After the fishing was done it was time to dive. We had it in our heads to dive for scallops, which can be found anchored to rocks in our pacific waters. So we geared up, and got ourselves ready.

In the end, dive conditions were also sub-optimal. We were diving the low tide and clarity was horrible. It took about 3 seconds and I lost Iver. I found fairly quickly though, when he came crashing into me. I couldn't figure out what he was doing, as he was grabbing my head like a blind man until I noticed his mask was full of water. After he managed to fix that we stated scouring the rocks for the elusive scallop. Sadly, the scallop remained fairly elusive. Again, Iver disappeared after a few seconds, and the dive was spent mainly alone looking in nooks and crannies.
But we had a good time, and that's what matters.
So there is my update. Its been a long time coming, and I'm going to make a better effort of updating more as time moves on.


  1. Hey, losing track of the ol' blog happens to the best of us. Difference 'tween us is that your Life Happens post is that you update us on the stuff that you have done in the interim, while mine is a list of all the stuff I haven't done. But hey, at least we got a blog posting in.

  2. There is always reward for a job well done. And fishing and diving looks like it. Glad you had a good time.


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