Apr 21, 2008

I Love the Smell of Karma in the Evening. It Smells Like.... Victory

My day at work was somewhat long.... as evidenced by my blog entry I made this morning. I'm sure there were other things I could have been doing, but at the time my mind wasn't at work. I slowly recovered as the day wore on, and things generally improved.

When I came home I noticed the door to the live trap I set near the deck had fallen. This has happened before, so I wasn't to hopeful.... But when I moved the dog house out of the way I was met by a pair of beady little black eyes attached to a little grey rodent.

This is the critter I believe I have seen running across the back patio on occasion.

He doesn't look quite so ferocious here in a cage. But given the chance I think he might attempt to tear my face off.

Here, trapped in the "Have a Heart Trap," He doesn't seem so scary. But in the end, its still a rat. And he had to be removed. The wife had promised me she would take care of the release when the time came (the rodent actually scares me!!). Sadly, she is with her parents tonight and the task or release after the catch has become mine.

So I went to this little meadow, nestled in the middle of Sequoia Park. This meadow was actually created in a wind storm that dropped a whole slew of trees. Its far from the house and seemed a suitable spot for the release of the critter. So I hopped in the truck and made my way there. When I go there a mother of two asked if I was releasing my rat. Her implication was that I was releasing a pet, to which she seemed a little disapproving. After explaining that he was an outdoor rat I had trapped, I suddenly became a compassionate human being. Ah Karma, you sly little devil. Already my standing in the world has improved.

This tree stump is the last place I saw the critter and he climbed it and then disappeared. He is free now. And I have to say, despite my own misgivings about letting him go, it was a good thing to do and I feel good about the situation. I feel victorious.

Is it Karma's will that I should feel victorious? I don't think so. I think Karma would have me feel enlightened and a better person because of my state of higher consciousness at the lessons learned. But I'm glad he is gone, I'm glad he is in a better place.

So it is done. And yes, I do feel like a better person because of it. Is that Karma at work? I hope so. But in the end, Karma is still a subject I feel a little ignorant of, but sometimes the old saying is true.... Ignorance is Bliss.


  1. Good job, son. Well done. Better person than most. The little critter will be grateful. They are scary but he must have known that you meant no harm. Hug Delia for us. Love Mom and Dad

  2. Ah karma . . . you have created some positive karma, that is for sure. And yes, feeling good about doing a good thing is part of the reward. Who knows how your action will ripen in the future, but when you create positive causes, you have positive returns.

    The little guy was kinda cute. I think country rats are cuter than big city rats.


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