Apr 29, 2008

Medical Queries Answered

Ok, I know I am overdue on the medical issues plaguing my home. So here is the run-down. but, I have to warn you, this issue gets me a little upset, perhaps even pissed off. So be warned.

First off, the pet crisis appears to be over. Ubu is in much better shape, the Kitten Infirmary (our bedroom) has been reopened to the general population of the house, and every seems to be happy. Ubu has gained some weight, he is eating on his own and is overall much better. He still throws up every now and then, but its not horrible and, like I said, he is generally happier and better. So that is a good thing.

Now to my sad tale of woe.

I waited 6 weeks to see the orthopedist. I called every single day looking for a sooner appointment. In the end, I was seen April 22 at 9 am. The doctor himself, was somewhat anti-social (that's the best way I think I can describe him). I have seen an orthopedist before, and I think they all have this demeanor. It must be something they learn in school. Or maybe the vast amount of knowledge gained coupled with the vast amount of money spent on schooling costs the doctor a large amount of his personality. He played around with the ankle joint, then made the declaration that my ankle was in bad shape. He stated that I was facing two real options: Ankle Replacement (which he said he does not believe in) and Ankle Fusion. He then prescribed me a custom fit brace to wear (which I still don't have). These things seem well and good. The he said he wanted me to go to the store and purchase some Alieve (arthritis medication) and take that for a while. Then he said he would see me in six weeks for follow-up.

Now, I am no medical doctor. I haven't had years of schooling. but I have been living with my own condition all my life and its nothing new to me. I have also, long ago, accepted the fact that there are certain inevitabilities when it comes to my ankles. So going into this appointment I was not exactly uneducated as to the possible outcomes. I tried to explain this to the doctor but was pretty much dismissed.

After he told me these things he said, and I quote, "You don't look happy." Well, at least medical school didn't remove the ability to recognize an angry look directed towards him.

So I left there no real plan and no real sense of direction and a whole lot of frustration. So here I sit, still on light duty, still wondering what my fate will be here.

I sent my medical information to UC Davis Health Center, looking for a chance to see someone else. I received word yesterday that I will not be accepted as a patient there, as they have too many patients already.

At this point I will be looking to send my medical records to UC San Francisco. And beyond that, I have another appointment with Frustration on June 3rd.


  1. I'm happy to hear Ubu has recovered. Thank you for that update.

    Re: Orthopedists. Yes, they are pretty much all that way. I work for a very large health care organization and have had to work with my share of Orthopedists. During the course of rolling out a new computer application I had to meet with dozens of chiefs of various medical departments throughout Northern California. With the exception of one Cardiologist who got very testy with me, it was the Orthopedists that were the nastiest. Almost every single Ortho chief yelled at me because we were inflicting change upon them. Lord have mercy.

    Anyway, keep pushing, asking questions, etc. Do you have any kind of ombudsman, or advocate through your health care plan?

  2. We will keep our fingers crossed for something sooner! Love Mom and Dad


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