Apr 9, 2008

A long day at the Best Buy

Sometimes we need the things we want. Sometimes we want the things we need. Sometimes, though, we don't need the things we want but we don't really care.

This is the case with my new vehicle accessories.

I wanted a GPS navigation system. There really isn't much need for me to have one really. Generally speaking I am pretty good with directions and can get most places with little hastle. But this is something I have always wanted. So with the purchase of a new vehicle I spent a little extra money and got an in-dash touch screen navigation system. The Pioneer AVIC-D3. An entry level system with quite a few nice features.

After a little research I found this would suit my needs just fine. and it does all the things I want it to. It is satellite ready (because I love my XM radio). It plays CDs and DVDs (although it won't play a DVD while the car is in motion, as that would be against CA law). It is blue tooth ready, and will operate my phone (because starting July 1st you have to be hands free in the car). And of course, it does GPS navigation.

Did I truly need this? I don't think I really do. Do I truly want this? Oh yes. So I splurged a little and made the purchase I have been wanting for so long.

This is where the second part of my vehicle purchasing story comes back into play. Having dealt with Crown Motors and actually did most of the leg work for the new truck by phone the day before, our time at the dealership was actually pretty minimal. And they were very accommodating and the whole experience was pretty good.

We arranged for the aftermarket Nav system to be put in at Best Buy before we drove home that night. this is where things went awry. The Best Buy (from now on referred to as BB) installation department is a first come, first serve. When we drove by during the test drive of the truck there was no one there. When we got there afterwards, we were 4th in line. We got there at about 2:30. At about 7:30 they finally started working on the truck. This gave us plenty of time to spend a little extra money while at BB, which really is not that difficult to do. Aside from being frustrated at having to wait so long, we were happy that this effort was being done and we wouldn't have to make any return trips to Redding. This is where things go poorly.

Apparently Dodge switched the connector in the rear of the stock radio and the guys at the BB could not find the part they needed. So, they put the stock radio in and at about 8 pm we headed home with almost 6 hours of pretty much wasted time. The Nav system is still in the box, sitting in my house.

Here is the good news. The local shop here in town knows exactly what the issue and they have the appropriate part I need. So now its only a matter of time. I'll make sure its posted. Until then, I run the risk of getting lost.

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  1. You are a Rossiter to the core! You follow in your father's footsteps who loves to shop for things he doesn't necessarily need but really wants. So hang in there. You'll enjoy it.
    Love Mom


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