May 5, 2008

Perch Fishing - 1st attempt

I was introduced to ocean fishing when I moved to Mckinleyville. Dean invited me to go fishing with him, and generally speaking, we have been fishing partners ever since. We have had some really good times out on a boat catching food for the table.

Now, however, with the summer months approaching I find myself working weekend days. This is no good. In fact, it stinks. First off, the Wife and I don't have a regular day off together for the next 4 months. That seems like a really long time. Second, it means I am going to miss out on many fishing opportunities this summer with my goods friends. So I am looking for some sort of solution. The obvious answer? Learn the art of shore fishing. In particular, Red Tailed Perch.

These smaller fish hang out in shallow water, in the surf to be exact, looking for food that tumbles about in the surf. They are supposed to be decent eating, and its a sport that doesn't require a lot of up front cash. In fact there is a decent place to do this not far from my house. So, it seems like a no brainer.

So, off I went to the fishing grounds.

So I went to a nice sandy expanse of beach and gave it a go. I had a few hits, but in the end I came up empty handed. The wind picked up pretty good and I was nearly frozen when another gentleman entered the area and began fishing. So I went and talked to him (people fishing are generally pretty decent to each other, and even feel a bit of a bond towards other Fishermen). Turns out he has been coming to this are for a long time, and is a pretty accomplished fisher of perch. Case in point: he reeled one in while we were talking. So he gave me some pointers and told me what works best for him.

So home I went, to warm up a little, and make a new plan of attack. It sucks going home empty handed, but I am ready for another shot at it tomorrow. If all goes well, and I am very confident that it will, I'll be cooking perch for dinner tomorrow.

To the gentleman I met today, I thank you for your help. To my good friends who I won't be doing a lot of fishing with this summer, I am going to miss the experience.

Tomorrow, though, I will not come home empty handed.


  1. The one and only fish I've ever caught -- a perch from the rocks by the nuker plant. And mine was bigger than Iver's!

  2. THREE posts, THREE posts for half the month of May!? I see your game. I know what you are up to. You find some of us pathetic little worms with no lives then you hook us on all of your intelligent babble and ism's and stuff like that. Then when we are good and strung out you stop with the witicism and mirth. FINE BE THAT WAY! If you don't get crackin I might just display a proclivity to stop sharing all my hard earned and proven fishing strategms, that'l fix ya. You figure out who this is, Mr Big Words. No excuses.


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