May 15, 2008

Something to Say....

In the space of about 3 hoursI had 3 different people complain about the fact that I have not had anything to say for about 10 days. This is, to put it fairly, completely inaccurate. The fact is I have plenty to say. I just haven't made a a succinct effort to actually sit in front of a computer and put my thoughts to words and my words to typed text.

So here I sit. I have a few things on my mind, and of course this is my forum so the things on my mind are what get posted here.

The funniest thing is, I started this entry 2 days ago. I got through the first two paragraphs then got distracted when a friend came to the house. By the time I was able to sit back down it was so late I needed to head to bed. As I was preparing for much needed sleep I actually felt a pang of guilt for not finishing my entry. Was I failing? Was I letting anyone down? Was my incomplete blog going to put someone in mortal danger? No (well, at least I hope not).

So what was my problem? I really don't know. perhaps it is simply I have grown so attached to the idea of sharing my inane ramblings with whoever wants to read them that the idea of not having something there was leaving me with that feeling failure. So here it is, my entry back the world of amateure internet journalism (I don't really think that is an accurate description of this Blog, but oh well.)

I have more tomorrow.


  1. Hey Adam! Nic & I check your blog every few days....and we too are glad to see a new entry!! :) Stop by ours sometime....
    Kayla & Nic

  2. Not good enough, powderpuff. Try again.

  3. It's weird, isn't it, when something that started as a personal wish for self-expression starts to feel like an obligation? But, I totally know the feeling.

    My rabbit is freaking me out by staring at me. Hmmm. Perhaps the basis of a blog entry. Nah, I'll just go get him some cilantro to divert him.


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