May 19, 2008

Perch Fishing, Part 3

Some of you might be wondering what happened to Perch Fishing 2. If you are that curious, please refer to Perch Fishing 1 (sadly, that should about cover that).

So, Cody and I headed out to Petrolia today, a little tiny town on the Lost Coast. Truth be told, though, we never actually went to the town of Petrolia. In stead we went out to a beach a little north of Petrolia. The morning started out foggy, but cleared for a while, long enough for to get a bit of a sunburn.
So we set our gear and began the sport called Fishing. Oddly enough, we were actually catching, too. Cody was the first to real in a fish, a nice sized red tailed perch. About 2 minutes later, I pulled one in myself.
I think this picture does not really do him justice, as he was really a nice fish. In fact, he was the biggest fish caught today (fishing trips always include bragging!). So we continued to reel them in. Some were big enough to keep, some were not (Fish and Game has a 10" rule for perch). In the end, we kept four. A fine catch, and a fine day of fishing. I can't complain at all either. After all, my first two tries at perch fishing were somewhat lack-luster. So after the bite seemed to die off we walked down to a rocky patch hoping to catch some rock fish in the high tide. Cody was the successful one here. Here he can be seen with a nice sized catch, definitely worthy of photo documentation:
Ok, this is not the fish he caught in the rocky surf. This minuscule Cabazone was caught earlier. This is the really photo worthy Cab he caught in the rocks.
Not a fish worth keeping, but a good looking little fellow all the same. In the end, the rock fishing didn't produce much else. So we walked down the beach a ways to an area that was easy to get back up to the road. On the way, I found another sea creature worthy of note.
So after a fine day on the shore of the Pacific Ocean we headed home. The fish were laid out and cleaned, and all is well.

Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Nice work! Now you've begged the question--how did they taste? -- Dad


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