Aug 11, 2008

A new connection to an old friend.

It seems as though my little corner of the Internet has garnered some attention from as far away as Canada, eh.

Allow me to introduce Kathy Arnold. Kathy and I have been friends for almost 15 years now. We started out as pen pals back 1994. And although we have never actually met in person, we have remained friends for all that time. For a time we exchanged letters to each other, then as time went on, emails and an occasional phone call, a quick how do you do.

After a time she got married to David and they moved to Canada, eh (I believe he is actually Canadian, eh), where they now have 4 kids. Kathy is from Utah. Our friendship turned into the rare email sent from one or the other with the family news and what not.

Then, after I received the latest Family Update letter I sent a reply back that she should keep in better touch. So I shared the blog with her and her family. Now she has finally gotten up the gusto to leave a comment and say hello.

So, welcome Kathy. It’s been a long time and hopefully we can remain in better contact. Good friends are hard to come by. Lets not waste time catching up. I’ll have to introduce you to Delia. She can tell all about the trials I put her through on a daily basis.

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