Aug 11, 2008

The Mattole Valley

The fishing trip could have been better, but here is Cody's one "dumby." Good for him.
The entrance to the Mattole Valley from the coast is amazing. I don't think this picture does it justice. Oh well. Its well worth the drive.
This little church had the look of not being used in a while. But it sure looked neat.
This bridge, although it has a steel frame, has a roadway to it made of wood. Rather odd really.
Deer are everywhere.
The drive ends up going through a stand of old growth redwood trees. Very nice.

It was a nice little trip and I plan to make it again.


  1. Adam,
    Looks like you and Delia have been doing a lot of fun stuff lately. My children are totally jealous about the Disney trip! Get your YIM set up so we can catch up.


  2. Wow, what a beautiful drive. I love the type of drives you can get up close and personal with nature.
    Great photos!
    Love ya, Mom


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