Aug 13, 2008

Adventures in Healthy Eating

About 2 weeks ago, the wife and I decided to make a major change in our lifestyles. So with a little bit of planning, we have made a serious Dietary Overhaul (here is where you would hear theme music exemplifying the point).

Our diets were, to say the least, fairly poor. For example, lets take the Lost Coast Brewery, one of my favorite dining establishments. A good meal there consists of 2 pounds of buffalo hot wings and basket of fries and a tall frosty beverage. This, as it may sound, is not the best meal for you (which should seem obvious). But the fact is these hot wings are quite literally the best wings on earth. The sauce is hot, but not too hot. The wings are usually tender and juicy. The fries. Oh the fries. They are seasoned with some sort of seasoning that is a perfect compliment to the wings. It's a good meal.

Then, we introduced the Dietary Overhaul (que Theme Music).

No more eating out. No more wings. No more fried foods.

An example: the other night we had salad, artichoke, and broiled sirloin steak. Last night we had chicken breast and asparagus. We have learned to make "Faux-tatos." This is steamed cauliflower that is put into a food processor and blended smooth. Add a little fat free half and half, a little light butter, salt and pepper to taste. Not bad. But it still tastes like cauliflower. And the rumors that asparagus makes you urine stink are very true.

So there we have it. The Dietary Overhaul (que Theme Music) is in full swing. Every meal has some sort of vegetable, and sodas and other carbonated beverages have been cut down to almost nothing.

The bright side, weight loss is a direct result of the Dietary Overhaul (que Theme Music).
So we will continue on. And it seems I'll have to be content to simply live with the memories of wings and fries.


  1. awesome! I have tried the faux tatos. They are pretty good! Keep it up. -- Dad

  2. I still have vivid memories of Big Mac's from McDonalds and the grilled sourdough hamburger from Jack in the Box. For me, it was finding out how many calories and grams of fat they contained. It grossed me out. You will find that more healthy choices become second nature after a while.
    That doesn't mean I don't suffer from a chocolate relapse once in a while. But we are all human, right?
    Love Mom

  3. Good for you two! Stick with it and you will find that your tastes will change and your cravings will lessen. Your energy will be higher too. But be gentle with yourselves and have a treat from time to time. God luck!

  4. Dang, Adam. I'm a vegetarian and you had even me wanting some of those chicken wings and fries.

    Good luck with the diet change. Be gentle with yourselves, and don't kick yourself too hard if you have a slip or two.

    Gotta tell ya, I'm not sure about those faux tatos myself. I'd rather go for the healthier option of some sweet potatoes.

  5. Mom will be SOOO proud... she still doesn't understand why I can't give up mayo or switch to fat free milk and fat free ranch dressing... truth be told, I'd rather not eat those foods than sub in the low fat version most of the time!

    And mom is having a chocolate relapse today... we are going to make a decadent chocolate cake for dessert tonight!


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