Oct 19, 2008

Halloween and the Costume Party; or, How I Learned to Wear a Wig and Like It

***This entry has been edited from its original content. That I know of, I reserve the right to edit my content as I see fit. Should anyone have any complaints, there is a committee assigned to evaluate each complaints merit. Recompense will be awarded on a case by case basis.***

Halloween if fast approaching. Typically, in the past I am the one who is content to turn off the porch light and save myself the hassle of answering the door eleventy billion times in an evening. With our entire yard surrounded by fencing, it makes it pretty easy to do that. This year, however, will be slightly different. I still don't intend to be answering the door, but we are going to a Halloween party.

I can't remember the last time I purchased a Halloween costume. It must have been when I was a kid, at an age when I wasn't the one to be buying anything, anyway. I do remember painting my face numerous times, and making that pretty much my costume. I quickly grew tired of the whole Halloween experience, and by the time I was probably 12 or 13 it was pretty much a dead issue for me (at least, that's how I remember it). I don't think I consider myself a party pooper. More to the point, I think I do not enjoy crowds of people I barely know, or people I do know but don't really care for. But some good friends invited us to the party, and so we are going.

At the time of this edited post, my mother happened to comment on the original post. In said comment, it is mentioned that I had many costumes, and as I stated, by the time I was about 12 the whole thing no longer seemed very exciting to me. I will say, however, I remember getting together with my buddies on Halloween. This, however, consisted of watching movies and eating pizza, not going door to door looking for handouts.

So the costume hunt began. It was a half-assed effort, to be truthful. We knew about this party for the past month, yet we waited until half way through October to look for costumes. I have to say, there are quite a selection of costumes available to the party goer. Sadly though, the availability of said costumes is sadly lacking half way through the month. So web page after web page, the wife and I searched for semi-compatible costumes. For the female party goer, if you are built like Jenny McCarthy, there are numerous costume options out there. For the rest of the normal, human world, the choices become a little slimmer. Such is life, really. For the guys, there is a fair amount of costume options out there. The problem here is the cost of the costume versus the quality of the costume. Apparently, according to what I have seen, you really do get what you pay for. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, feel free to look like a cheap imitation of whatever look you are going for.

I opted for a middle of the road option, donning the guise of the Mad Scientist. Hopefully the stuff I managed to get doesn't look too cheap. The wife, taking the look of Sally, from the Nightmare Before Christmas, has a little more of an involved costume. I think we should have a good time, I hope my over coast isn't too hot.

I'll make sure and get some pictures from the big event this weekend.


  1. I'll try not to embarrass you with this entry. Yes, up to about 12, you loved Halloween. At first it was the costumes and candy and later it was all about the mainlining of sugar to your bloodstream. You had some great costumes when you were younger (I won't list them as I may never get a phone call again) but I sure want to see what you and Delia come up with. Please post pictures, good luck, and have a great time! Love Mom

  2. We too have a halloween party to go to. We just got invited today. I already have costumes for the girls but we are thinking of going as Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta from Grease, and dress the girls up as the pink ladies! Sounds like a lot of work, so who knows! I can't wait to see your pictures!


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