Oct 7, 2008

The hobby hunt may be over.

I think my hobby hunt may soon be over, if it isn't already.

Any one who knew me nearly 10 years ago knows I had a passion for aquariums. I started out with a29 gallon fish tank, and experimented with various types of fish and aquatic life. Soon, however, I moved to salt water fish and invertabrates. Sadly though, I have no photos from this time period that show my efforts in this arena.

After a time I decided it was time to move to a larger aquarium, and upgraded to 55 gallon tank. Filled with live rock and anemones, and various fish, it was a constant effort to make sure everyhing was healthy and thriving. A nice, time consuming effort with a visually appealing result. In my humble opinion, I don't see any interest in something that doesn't have a result that is obvious.

About a year or two ago, Ben and I had the idea to get a fish tank. So while he was here in town we went to the local store and made a few purchases. In the end though, it was in a poor place and I didn't spend the money I should have on various equipment because I was trying to do things the cheap way. Lately though, I have had the desire to clean it up and make it something worth displaying to those who would come by our little corner of the world here in Eueka. This is my result.Its a 10 gallon tank, and still looks rather rudimentory, but I have plans to add some back ground, a little more greenery, and more fish. Right now we have just the one Zebra Danio. He is somewhat of a survivor, and since the recent changes made to the tank, it is obvious by his behavior that he is extremely happy with his improved environment.

I still have that 55 gallon tank in the garage, and perhaps one day, in the future, I'll get it out and start all over again. In the mean time, the last three weeks of cleaning, water treatment, and over all care are keeping me happy. And its nice to have something to look at besides the TV.

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  1. Very cool, VOR! We had a tank at the first place the Man Nurse & I had together in Arcata -- I loved it. I would come home at lunch from working at the court and it was such a relaxing way to spend a bit of quite time, looking at the tank. It was a lot of work though, and when we moved from Arcata to here we gave it up. Some day, maybe we'll give it another try. Your tank is great looking, although I'm trying to see it's inhabitant . . .. Have fun! J


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