Aug 27, 2009

A paltry update on nothing at all.

What has happened to me?

I used to consider myself to be somewhat prolific. I used to think I had a voice, and while it didn't always say something meaningful or useful, it usually said something.

So why have I completely faltered? Falter? No, that's not the right word. To falter would imply I have made a mistake and recognize a clear path back to where I was. That is certainly not me in this case.

Probably more accurate, I have stagnated. All my ideas and all my thoughts have been blocked up and left to rot. Indeed, it seems my pool of ideas has become more of a cesspool of frustration and wasted time.

I had gotten the idea to start working on drafts for my posts, and for a little while I felt like I was really on to something. But even that has reached this murky and impenetrable quagmire of a writer's block.

Whats my point here? I'm frustrated. I'm stuck. But I'm not giving up. I'm going to find a way through this.

So, if you happen to be one of the few folks who actually keep track of my exploits here, keep keeping track. I promise, there will be something soon.

Please, let there be something soon....


  1. I think we can blame our lack of profundity on Facebook. It is way to easy to do a short update and call it good.

  2. I agree...Facebook has taken over my thoughts...not much to update on the blog when I put little things out during the day on Facebook....I will keep checking your blog, if you keep checking mine :)

  3. I can completely and utterly and totally relate. But, I decided to give myself a big ol' kick in the butt and commit to doing National Blog Posting Month (aka Nablopomo) where you kind of make a public pledge to do one posting a day for one month. For me, it's changed the focus from completely overthinking it to "OK, just crank something out." So cranking I have been. And I can feel the ol' writing gears starting to work again.

    Don't worry about something being perfect. You have a very supportive group of readers. But, if you love to write, just write for cryin' out loud. I, for one, would love to read it.


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