Nov 14, 2009

House Arrest and Vivid Dreams.

Its been about a week now that I have been sick.  So here is a rundown of me and my activities.

First, I don't go anywhere.  I'm pretty much on house arrest.  Wife would kill me if she know I was out among the populace spreading my germs to the unsuspecting masses. Normally, I don't mind being home and not going anywhere.  But, there has been one problem in all of this.

Anyone who has been to my home knows its not very big.  While the lot we sit on is massive, compared to others around us, the house itself takes up a relitively small amount of area.  So where do I go?  What do I do?  I have been reduced to watching TV, playing games, reading a book (which I honestly have done very little of), or sleeping.  The first two and the last one seem to be taking up the bulk of my time. Which is good really.  Afterall, I am sick, and when one is sick they should be well rested.  

I will say this:  I now firmly believe people don't really understand the importance of being able to come and go from their homes as they please.  I ventured forth to get myself a sandwhich yesterday and the simple act of getting out of the the house was one of the simplist things I could do, and quite honestly one of the most liberating (yeah, I know, I used the liberating). 

Second, I have been having crazy, crazy dreams. Normally, I can never remember my dreams.  I have actually heard this is a side effect of sleep apnia.  When the body never actually gets to the REM cycle of sleep you can never be in a state where dreams become clear and undestadable (Wife says I have apnia, but I don't know if I believe her; I have never heard myself stop breathing in the middle of the night).  Most times, after having a dream, I wake up thinking, "Holy crap! That was weird."  Then after about 5 minutes I can't remember a thing about it.  This is not the case lately. 

I remember, in vivid detail, a dream I had a couple of days ago.  I remember, in vivid detail, the dream that woke me up this morning.  And its small details, that stand out the most. 

One of the things from the other day: It started with me getting pulled over by the CHP.  The reason?  My tires extended past the fenders and I didn't have mudflaps. 

Are you serious??Why on earth would I dream about something like that??  I have never even had a car where that is an issue.  Nor would I ever even consider augmenting my car with didiculous wheel sets like that in the first place.  So why would I dream about that?? 

Last nights dream:  I was at a local Casino and stole a car from the casino floor. It was an older car, colored green, something like the old Studebaker the neighbor had who lived accross the street from me when I was growing up.  Why would this stick out so clearly?  I remember the name of the casino:  Adam Adama's Casino (Not very orrignial, brain.  Not very orrigianl at all).  Adam Adama's??  Is that the best my sleeping brain can come up with? 

So, some who are reading this are probably dissecting these tidbits and looking to find their hidden meaning.  I should point out that I have left out crazy amounts of dream material here to avoid just such a thing.  Why, you ask? Because I don't believe dreams are much more than just that: dreams.  And being sick and the amount of sleep I am getting is, in my belief, simply a catalyst for having increased amounts of dreams and more of a chance to remember them. 

So, today is Saturday.  Poor Wife is home from work today, and gets the pleasure of putting up with me all day long.  Good for her.  She also has the ability to leave whenever she wants.  She is not on house arrest. 

I, am going out to the other room and turning on a game. 


  1. Hope you get well soon! I am with you in that dreams are just that...dreams. And have no deeper meaning or anything. The only possible explanation for the weird dreams is you being sick. I remember some year ago when I had the flu real bad, I got really strange dreams (even stranger than my usual ones!) Maybe it's something with the mind and body being exhausted. And maybe that's why your exhausted brain came up with Adam Adama's Casion! :P

  2. When I dream in color, now that's vivid. I'm under house arrest not because I am sick but I have felt so lousy with the dental work I've been having, I don't want to go out yet. So enjoy the house arrest. Clean out some closets, donate to good will, paint a room. It's amazing how I find stuff to do when I can't leave the 4 walls. Good luck!


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