Feb 5, 2008

An apology.

** I originally made an entry here that has now been altered. After what was not really meant ot be a sappy comment on friendship (this statement is not meant to downplay anything here), I have decided it sounded too serious, and deserved a little more detail. So while some portions of this comment will be unalterd, there are some additions as well. **

In a recent post I talked about Tia, and how she arrived to the nickname "Stinky." In that post I refered to a co-worker who rented me a room. She deserves a little more credit, actually a lot more credit, than being billed as a co-worker, so here is the story.

After a bad relationship issue, I ended up on a friends couch. One night I went to Dean's place for poker night (one of our favorite things to do) and I was talking about my bleak situation. Dean, always being a guy who wants to help fins a solution, syas this: "Brenda has been thinking about a roommate, but has never been sure if she really wants one. Let me talk to her and see how she feels about the idea."

At that point I couldn't say no to any offer that might end up in me not sleeping on a couch, so I said Ok.

Here is what I knew of Brenda at the time: She was supervisor at the office, she was heald in pretty high regard, she had come out of a marriage on bad terms, and one night she showed me her belly button ring (which is really alot more innocent than it sounds, I promise!). Beyond that, I didn't know her much other than seeing her at work here and there. But for whatever reason, after thinking about it for a while, she simply said something like, "Yeah, I'll let Adam live here." And that was that.

What followed was really a pretty good two years. We had some good times, we had some bad times, and we tried to plant a lawn in her back yard (which didn't really go as planned). Fortunately we share an affinity for Monty Python, and there were plenty of jokes to go around there. And one morning I came out of my room in my skivies, thinking she had gone to work already. At some point I heard the TV on, but it didn't register. This was slightly embaressing, but really in the end made things a lot more comfortable in end, a good ice breaker.

So to my good friend Brenda, let me say you are infinately more than a Co-Worker, you are my friend, and "I fart in your general direction!"

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