Feb 1, 2008

It seems as though we are destined to spend obscene amounts of money at the Vet. My latest story of animal antics? Sadly, this one I think is my fault.

When I moved to Eureka I was alone and Ben was looking to move to Florida for 4 years while his step father was assigned the an air base near Pensacola. My landlord, a fairly nice person all together, said I could get a cat. So off to the animal shelter I went, simply looking. One in particular caught my attention, but I couldn't make the decision then because I was in and out of town over the next couple fo weeks. When things settled down, back to the shelter I went, there was Tia, still there in her kennel and still looking at me like I needed to get her out.

So I payed the bond and we became good friends. Then something bad happened: I met a girl.
Now, it wasn't so bad to begin with, in fact things seemed pretty good. Then things got bad, and I eventually had to get out of the relationship (its a long and sordid story that I will not get into here). So a friend, knowing of my troubles, said I could stay at his house. So on his couch I slept for about 2 months, maybe a little longer. Then I found a place I could go to permanently, rooming with a co-worker. This turned out to be a good arrangement, although I could not take Tia with me. Again, my friend came to my aid and said she could stay with him until I found a place of my own. So off I went, and finding a place of myown took about 2 years.

Then Delia and I decided to move in together. She came with two cats. I came with a dog. So I figured it was time I unburdened my friend. Tia came back to us. The problem? She smelled funny. We couldn't figure it out. She just smelled bad. It turned out it was her breath. And as she would groom herself, she would just make her whole bosy stink. This halatosis of hers, would get worse and nearly go away all together for quite some time. The other day, she jumped on my lap for a littl bit of nuzzling. As I was petting her I thought to myself that her bad breath had reached an all time high on the Good-Grief-You-Stink-O-Meter. Then I noticed that she has a loose tooth. She is in desperate need of dental work, which would have been no where near as bad as it is probably going to be, if I had taken care of it eariler.

She goes in this afternoon. I'll have to update when I get the bad news. The only thing I can say is I screwed up. Now poor Tia's mouth and my bank account are paying the price. I'm willing. I think Tia might need sedation.


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