Feb 22, 2008

Updates on life.

First, an update on the Doctor's appointment.

Per the Doctor's official diagnosis: and I quote, "No man your age should have an ankle that looks like that." Beyond that, I have a Cat Scan in my future, a referral to an orthopedist and most likely arthroscopic surgery. This is no surprise to me, really. In fact, its been expected for nearly 10 years. Almost 20 years ago, Dr. Mink (the original surgeon) told me the "fix it" job he did would only last about 10 years. I think he would be proud of his handy-work had he known it lasted 10 years past the expected life expectancy. So for now, I think I should start saving my pennies, there are some large bills in my future.

As for the pain? I am simply in a state of either sore or in horrible pain. Fortunately the horrible pain is not as common as the soreness. Unfortunately, I fear my supervisor may grow impatient with me until I have more information. Poor me.

Second, the quest for a hobby.

I went to Borders, by far the most comprehensive book store we have here in Eureka. The results? I came out empty handed. I actually expected to go there and find a section labeled "Hobbies." I guess I was wrong. There are many sections there, but everything I looked at didn't register in my mind as the type of hobby I was looking for. I then came home and searched the Internet. Sadly, a yahoo search for hobbies only resulted in 18 million web references to scrap booking, quilting and stamping. So I came up empty handed again.

I did, however, come up with something of an idea, although I don't know how far I will go with it (if anywhere). All through high school I was in drafting courses, and I actually considered myself fairly proficient in the subject. Now, I don't really have any aspirations of becoming an architect at this point in my life, but I still love the idea of floor plans, and drawing made with many straight lines and details. As that thought came to me, I thought about the idea of cartography. I don't know much about the idea of map making, but I have always liked the look of the old hand drawn maps. Again, not really sure if this is going anywhere or not, but its a start.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sorry you're having such a hard time with your ankle.

    Have you considered Bonsai? Not for your ankle, of course, but for a hobbie? It is detailed oriented like the map making you wrote about but you end up with a lovely little tree too!

  2. I wondered if the the old drafting idea would surface and the idea of cartography sounds really cool. You were good with designing and I bet you would be good at this.
    Dr. Mink would be proud. I wish I could contact him and let him know that you lasted 20 years.
    Love ya Mom

  3. I am always overwhelmed in Bookstores too - I find that Amazon is the most friendly place for me to book browse - sounds odd, but I like it better. Possible because I always enjoy reading people's "reviews" of a book before I lay down the money for it. Maybe a trip to your local library would work - you could check out a dozen (or more) books for free and browse through them for ideas before commiting to anything!

  4. VOR: I've been thinking a lot about your quest. What do I see VOR enjoying time with? I thought of rod wrapping -- that fascinates me with the complex wraps you can get into. And yet, how many of those can you make? Plus you can end up laying out some cash. I LOVE you idea of drafting and cartography. My brother had a bit of skill at it too and when he went to do a bit of a modification on their house, he had it all drafted out beautifully. I could tell it was something he just enjoyed doing. You could actually make things to frame and display with the cartography, too. Definite start!

    Sorry about your poor ankle. Pain is no fun. I'm glad you are taking action to make things better though.



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