Feb 23, 2008

The Plague Has Hit!

While that is not the newest headline of our local news paper, it should be posted outside our house.

Delia has been working long hours, really hasn't had a day off in the last 2 weeks, and it has finally caught up with her. She was working today and finally gave up, coming home at about 1:30. I made her some lunch and she promptly went to bed. As I am posting this, she hasn't been up except a time or two to go to the bathroom. So its been nearly 8 hours since she has really shown any signs of life.

I myself and catching the bug as well. A wracking cough is my current symptom, and I am hoping that it doesn't go mu ch farther than that. But having seen a lot of my co-workers with this same bug, and multiple people calling in sick, I don't have the highest of hopes for myself.

So for the now, the hobby hunt has been put on hold. Hopefully I can resume my search in the near future, but for now I have to gear up for working the next 6 days in a row.

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  1. I hope you are both better soon. Christy has a couple of sick kids, and I guess her allergies and killing her. Take care! -- Dad


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