Feb 21, 2008

A quest for myself

It has become horribly obvious to me that I need a hobby. This realization has come as I am home at nights and find myelf wanting to do something, anything really, but have no idea what to do or what direction to go in.

I know, instinctively, that I want something that I can sit and work on while other things are going. It needs to be something that involves the hands, and of course I am looking for something that has a visible amount of "finished product." Nothing is worse than working on something for hours or days and finding when youare done that you can really not see any sort of visible progress. That is frustrating.

So over the next week or so I think I will be cataloging my efforts at finding my niche. What will the end result be? I do not know. But I think the idea of finding this elusive prize is rewarding, in and of it self. I think of it as a sort of sef-realization. Something about myself I know deep down yet have not had the where-with-all to bring it to the surface and put it to practical application.

One of my biggest hurdles here is I am notorious for starting something and not finishing it. I realize this fault, yet I have no means of countering it, thus far. Perhaps this is the time I am looking for. In the mean time, I think I might be off to my nearest Borders to look for ideas anddo a little brain-storming.

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. I love hobbies. Once you find yours, you will love it. I think if you could fish all year long, that would be it. But that's not possible up there. I think hobbies are therapeutic as they give you something to focus on with real enjoyment.
    Love ya mom


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