Jan 13, 2009

Gym Challenge goes afoul....

This sucks.

Gym challenge was slated to begin Monday. Saturday night I was throwing up and now I am fighting a horrendous head cold (which apparently has been going around at work).

I wish I had more to say on the subject. Simply put, I am hoping with a little rest I can still get in the 4 workouts before Saturday comes to a close.

As for today, Cody is looking for some company to make a little road trip up to Crescent City and back. I figure that can't be too bad as long as he doesn't mind me being sick. Then I have to finalize my presentations to teach at the Core Academy (training for new recruits) tomorrow and Thursday, before I go back to work on Friday.

I'm taking my camera today. At least I'll be able to post something a little more interesting than this sorry lump of a blog.


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  2. Road trip with a sick guy. Cody is desperate for company I'd say, or is taking pity on your situation, or both. Hope it's a good day for you -- it certainly is beautiful out there. I'll look forward to your pictures. Christy's probably feeling pretty smug right now (although I haven't seen her blog yet -- perhaps she is in the same bind or is locked away with another pink eye victim!) Janine
    P.S. your blog is NOT a sorry lump. I greatly enjoy it!

  3. It's Wednesday morning and I'm just reading other blogs for the first time this week. That's how sick I've been. On Monday morning, I got up with my head ready to explode, but thought, maybe if it clears out, I'll sneak to the gym tonight... I was thinking I could still squeeze in four workouts too... it's apparent to me that we definately share some DNA!

    I'm still wiped out and hoping the antibiotics I'm on will seriously kick in soon. I plan to spend most of the day camped out on my couch reading a book while Brayden plays with trains and watches Thomas videos all day long (gag!)

    Shall we restart the challenge for next Monday???


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