Jan 10, 2009

Time to get my lazy carcass in gear.

Anyone who has ever held to some sort of fitness regimen knows that one of the most challenging things to do is actually hold to it.

About 8 months before Wife and I were married I actually held to my regimen. I was at the gym about 5 times a week. I had a few things going for me then. First, I was working night shift, which meant I would go in the morning when I got home from work. This in turn brought about the second benefit for me, I was home alone in the mornings, and not tempted by the company of Wife in favor of going to the gym.

Now, well over a year later, I haven't been the gym for quite some time. I have been working the day shift for quite some time, so the second benefit has been gone. Wife and I are home at night together, therefor negating the first benefit.

So all the progress I had made is now gone. I'm out of shape, and motivation is hard to come by. So recently I was reading my sister's lamentations about her gym attendance, and simply took it as chance to put a friendly competition between siblings on the table.

So here and now I will commit to gym attendance 4 times a week. I figure this is a realistic goal, after all I wouldn't want to set my self up for failure by setting unrealistically lofty goals which will end with me aiming high and simply hitting the dirt below.

So, there it is. She and I have already set Monday as a day to begin. So after work on Monday, I will begin by hitting the treadmill and walking for half an hour. It seems like a rather dull beginning, but hey, it has been over year since I have been there. I don't want to kill myself on the first day.

So the gauntlet has been thrown down sis. If we were in older days I would slap you across the face with a white glove. Fortunately for us, a few hundred years worth of civility and manners have moved us past this old tradition of challenging an opponent (not to mention a few hundred miles of actual distance) make this more of a symbolic way to say, "A challenge? You're on!"

Let the fun begin. See you on the treadmill.


  1. Sounds like the friendly competition among you has never ceased. Good for you both, let's just hope Christy stays well long enough to actual execute her side of things, and her kids too of course!

  2. Good for you. Now could you please drag my husband to the gym with you when feel you need some moral support.

  3. I think this challenge should go out to your whole family. You probably can't throw this in your parent's face, though, we know they're "gym junkies". But Uncle Stan sure could use the motivation to get downstairs on his bowflex on a regular basis. And, hey, Heidi has a gym membership that has been stagnant for a bit, I think. Me...I like my walking routine, but a little bowflex time should couldn't hurt me either.

  4. I'm definately in... still sick here, but even in my current state I could walk on the treadmill for half an hour. Shall we say four days a week, 30 minutes minimum workout??? I think on Saturday we should have to post something on the blog to report our progress... like a tracker on the sidebar or something? What do you think?

    I don't think mom and dad should be allowed in our challenge... no offense, but come on... they are already total exercise fanatics. This isn't really a challenge for them, is it?

  5. First off, let's call it what it is: The Dreadmill. That's what it's called in our house. Second, I agree, Christy -- your parents' blog makes me tired just reading it. And last -- kudos to the lot of ya for making the commitment to health. We want you around for a long time so anything you do towards that makes us happy. Janine

  6. Alright guys, we get the hint. A little sibling rivalry is good. Go for it.
    Besides Dad and I hit the pavement this morning (while visiting Dad and Evelyn in Wash) and power walked and jogged for 1 1/2 hours and then did yard work for another 2 1/2 hours this afternoon.
    Please do a accounting on Sat. on your blogs, I think it's a great idea.
    (And by the way, we're more out on the street than in the gym these days. I'm with Janine, the treadmill is "dreadmill"!)


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