Mar 18, 2009

Date day gone a little wrong, Part 2

Ok, back to date day gone a little wrong.

I guess I should first say hat the spent with Wife was just fine. I'm fortunate in the fact that we actually enjoy each others company, so a day spent together is generally pretty good.

Now, onto the second comment: The movie Watchmen.

I am a huge an of comic book movies. And as computer generated graphics have improved over the years, more and more movies (which would have either not been possible or simply been idiotic in its appearance) are made to look so lifelike that its hard to tell when things are done "live" or when things are generated by means of a computer.

For example, Spiderman 2. An absolute top-notch film. Good acting, good story, and amazing fight scenes. I think the fight scenes in these movies are really one of the things I like the most. A fight scene between a cop and bad guy is generally done as hand to hand, in some dark alley in the rain, or maybe an old warehouse that is dimly lit. But from movie to movie, they generally look the same. It becomes repetitious.

The superhero fight is so massive in scale it can't be compared to something so small. And with the aid computers this massive scale fighting has no limits. From speeding elevated trains, to the sides of buildings, to where ever the imagination can take it.

I could go on, I think, but hopefully I get the point across.

So lets talk about Watchmen.

The opening scene introduces us to the character of "The Comedian." He is older, and no longer in his prime, and apparently drinks a lot. After we learn this he is quickly killed. The next hour and a half are centered around memories of a dead, and rather despicable Hero.

I'm not sure I could have found a more profound way to waste my time. I found myself looking over and over again at my watch, wondering how long it had been since the movie began.

Later in the movie we are introduced to "Dr. Manhattan." A scientist who, through an accident, is transformed into some sort of supernatural being with amazing powers. Now, on the surface, this sounds like a perfectly normal super hero equation. So my only real question is, why is he naked through most of the film? And why, if he has to be naked, do we have to see him this way? I actually started counting the different times I witnessed the blue, glowing schlong. I lost track after I was checking my watch again.

And as for fights, well, in nearly 3 hours there wasn't a lot there. In fact, I can only really think of 2 real scenes. One, in a prison riot, was actually pretty decent. The final bout, near the end of the film, just left me feeling like all the build up to this final confrontation between good and mis-guided good (there wasn't really a bad guy here, kind of confusing) was lacking in anything climatic.

So, in the end, I lost nearly 3 hours of my life. I'll never get it back, and I can't claim I witnessed anything so spectacular that I would recommend this film to anyone else.

So there it is, the culmination of what should have been a fantastic lunch and a good movie.

I'm really glad I at least had good company.


  1. Did Delia pan the film as well? At least you had good company. Your mom and I spend a lot of time together now that we are retired and I can say in all honesty that they are good times.


  2. I've really enjoyed Ironman, Spiderman and the like. I saw Watchmen a few days before you did. I feel EXACTLY the same way. I want those 3 hours back!!! (Was it only 3? It felt like more...)

    Way too much drama.


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