Mar 16, 2009

Date day gone a little wrong.

The other day, D and I decided to have us a date day. Date Day consisted of the following activities:

1. Lunch at the AA Bar and Grill
2. Seeing the movie “Watchmen”
3. Going to the casino for $2 Blackjack

The casino doesn’t really need a comment, as nothing spectacular happened. I showed up, I donated some money, and I left.

First Comment: The AA Bar and Grill

Located in downtown Eureka, almost directly across from the Humboldt County Jail. A liquor store, and a rather seedy looking hotel surround it. The exterior of this fine establishment is such that if you didn’t know it was there, you would most likely drive right past it. There is a sign outside; however, it also is non-descript and rather unremarkable. Now, having said that, the interior of the place is quite different. The hardwood floor matches the large horseshoe bar, there is some table seating and that’s about it. D and I have been there on a number of occasions and even on a busy night it’s never really loud there. The menu is pretty straightforward. They tout their steaks as the main item on the menu, and with good reason. Options include the sirloin, the New York and the rib eye. For those with a more adventurous appetite, there is the 49 oz porterhouse. This requires an order be placed the day before. The prize for completely consuming this monstrous slab of meat? Bragging rights, and an AA Bar and Grill T-shirt. I usually order the rib eye, my favorite cut of meat. And they grill these steaks to absolute perfection.

I can grill a pretty mean steak. In fact, I’m usually disappointed with the steaks I order from various easting establishments because I have set my own standard as far as the rib eye goes. So when I first ordered a meal at the AA, I had no idea what I was in for. But it was heaven. Bliss? Perfect? In my head I keep thinking of ways to describe the perfectly cooked rib eye, however it should suffice to say I would aspire to prepare a rib eye in such a perfect way.

Now I always order the same thing: rib eye (cooked medium) with fries, and a soup for a starter. Every now and then we’ll order a side of prawns to share, just to mix it up. But they have on the menu “Honey Stung Chicken.” This has intrigued me over and over, yet I always order the same thing, the rib eye. So I decided to be adventurous and break away from the things I know oh-so-well.

My plate came out with 3 pieces of deep fried chicken. There was a pool of grease underneath and my fries were quickly getting soggy.

Sweet mother of pearl, what had I done??? I went to a steakhouse and made the mistake of ordering chicken?!?!? To show an extreme example of how I felt as I consumed this paltry meal, it would be like going to a Lamborghini dealership and buying a used Geo Metro off of their back lot. You would never do something like that. In fact, to even think that a Lamborghini dealership would even have a back lot that includes a Geo Metro is completely absurd. It’s ludicrous. Its crazy.

I had to request extra napkins, because the chicken was so greasy. And in the end, I walked out of the restaurant feeling nothing but disappointment. Never again, and I mean never, will I order anything but “The usual.” There is a reason I go to where the best steaks in town are hidden in plain sight; I won’t make the mistake of leaving disappointed again.

Now, I had thoroughly intended on commenting on the movie, but since this is getting rather lengthy already, I will break it in two and finish this later.

Until next time, heed these words: Order the rib eye.


  1. Ok, we must go to this place the next time we come up. You have talked about this so much, we have to go check it out! Sounds good!

  2. Oh VOR! You crack me up! Sweet Mother of Pearl, indeed! Great post. Janine

  3. I'm like you... pretty snooty when it comes to my steak. J and I would like to go to the AA with you and D anytime and give em a try.

  4. I know exactly what you mean... when mom and dad came down to visit we ate out for Megan's birthday at Mimi's Cafe. My favorite thing on the menu is a breakfast dish and they serve it anytime day or night... well, I was in the mood to vary from my "usual" order and decided to try the country fried steak instead. It was a mistake... it was terrible. I left completely disappointed and vowed never to be adventurous at that restaurant ever again!


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