Mar 6, 2009

A small rant and then I'm finished.

It’s scary, when a normal and easy going fellow can become an unbelievable bastard just by waking up in the morning.

Let me explain.

I woke up this morning, like any other morning, and got ready for work. Wife was already up, but was far enough along in her preparations for the day that the shower was clear and open. I figured this was a good start (since we sometimes tend to run into each other while getting ready for work).

However, pretty soon I found I had little patience, for anything. And of course, when you are in a bad mood and people at work notice it they immediately want to know if you are grumpy and why. The simple fact of the matter is I don’t have a good reason for being in a foul mood. Nor do I care to discuss my mood in some sort of open forum in front of all my co-workers.

That is not how I operate. Its bad enough I am seeing a shrink on a fairly regular basis, I certainly don’t care to open up some sort of round table discussion about my moodiness. Besides, who are my co-workers to think they are able to diagnose my issues and prescribe the appropriate therapy for a swift and speedy mood change?

I guess this sounds a little harsh. I am ok with that. Sometimes people just find themselves in a foul mood. That’s me today. When the end of the day comes, I’m going to make dinner for Wife and me. Then I’ll be headed to a hot shower which is always relaxing at the end of the day. Then I believe I’ll be headed to bed with my book. Of course, these plans may change. You just never know. I might get home and watch some TV. I might not take a shower. I just don’t know. But I do know the people here won’t be there (with the exception of one, and I am ok with that one).

Enough ranting; time to move on.


  1. Doesn't it feel good to just get it all off your chest?!?

    What book you reading right now?

  2. Here here. Nothing makes me more pissy than having people at work notice my foul mood. HEY! Thanks for pointing out how ineffectively I'm covering it and REMINDING me! If I have something to say, I'll say it for heaven's sake! That's what I WANT to say to them. But often, as pointed out in your last post, it is best to keep ones mouth shut at times like that!


  3. There are days when you just want to be left alone while you work through a mood that even you don't understand. Hot showers and a good book are helpful. I'm reading a Kathy Heichs Bones book. Great way to get your mind off things.


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