Jun 18, 2008

A belated entry....

My sister's latest post has made me realize that I have failed as a son in making sure there is acknowledgment of certain father figures in my life. I don't mean to plagiarize, I simply aim to make sure those two people in life are recognized for who they are.

So to begin:

My father, Craig.

I have started this paragraph over and over now, and it is simply seems impossible for me to put to words what it is about my father that I find to be important, that I respect, that I admire and that I love.

So I guess I'll simply put it this way: When I was younger I actually enjoyed the time I spent with my father (as opposed to some of my cohorts of the same age bracket), my friends (who were just afore mentioned) liked hanging out with my father (which I always appreciated but always found to be a little strange), my father in even some of the most stressful situations always seemed to have a level head, he is one of the most compassionate and caring people I have ever met.

All of these things lead me to believe in one simple fact: Were I to aspire to be like my father I think I would be about as a good a person as I could be.

Dad, thanks for being an example to me.

My father-in-law, Gill.

About 5 years ago I started dating Delia. And after a few tumultuous relationships this one seemed pretty solid. And indeed it was. 5 years later, she and I are happily married. Gill, her father, has always been accepting of me and my son, something for which I will always be grateful. One day, I stopped by the house in Dixon because I was in town. I had Ben in tow and we were making an un-announced visit. The door opened and I was warmly greeted and welcomed in. When I apologized for stopping by announced, I was told that I am family, and there is never a need to call before coming over. The house is always open to family. Its plain and simple that they love me like a son, and I thank them for that.

Gill, thanks for making me a part of the family, and I'm happy to be able to call you Dad.

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  1. Absolutely well said about Dad - everyone of my friends loved him too, even when I thought I was too cool to acknowledge his presence! I remember every day walking to English class with Amber McMindes, passing Dad's office, and ducking while Am yelled at the top of her voice, "Hey, Brother Rossiter!!!!" It took me a couple years to realize that Dad was a "cool cop" on campus!


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