Jun 12, 2008

The summer kicks off with a bang.

This upcoming weekend is approaching quickly, and with it a growing sense impending excitement. This weekend is sort of a kick off for my entire summer. Here is the rundown as I see it:
  1. Arcata Bay Oyster Festival: An all day event at which I will be standing in front of a ginormous charcoal grill, grilling and shucking oysters. We work for Oyster Todd (we actually know his last name, but for a long time this was how we referred to him). In return for our services, we are compensated with good food, good company and an all around good time. Check out the Oyster Festival here.
  2. The Whiskeytown Lake Men’s Camping Trip: Dean, Tim and I are taking our sons camping to Whiskeytown lake. A five day trip filled with trout fishing, swimming, learning to use compasses and the general fun that goes with "roughing it." Ben is stoked about this trip, and really so am I. Its going to be a good time.
  3. This entry is purposefully left Top Secret. There is a special trip planned, but I fear Ben learning about it before its time, so I am opting to not go into real description here. I will, however, post more on this later.
  4. Ryan and Maya’s Wedding: My good friend Ryan and his fiancee Maya are getting married in late July. Ryan and I have been friends since middle school, and is the only person from my high school days that I still keep up with. Delia and I very much looking forward to this weekend.
So there you have it, the run down, as much as I can put it into writing. I’ll have plenty of pictures from the oyster fest, and I’ll be updating in a day or so.

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  1. Yum! Oysters. If gas prices weren't so outrageous, the Oyster Fest sounds like a great excuse for a road trip up north. As it is, have an oyster for me. :)

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