Jun 6, 2008

Training Day: Revisited with a Smile

I have to say that my last post was, well, somewhat somewhat... somber? Well, it wasn't all doom and gloom the other day. In fact, there was some entertainment as well.

Normally I don't post pictures of me or my co-workers. But this day was a little different in that we were all casual and pictures seemed quite appropriate.

CPR and First Aid took the 4 hour block from 0800 to 1200. This portion of the class was fairly entertaining, and fortunately for me, my dear friend Brenda (who also happened to be my excellent training partner) had the where-with-all to bring her camera for the blessed training event.
Allow me to introduce my training Dumby.
He can be seen here wearing my beanie (in Canada, eh, they call this type of hat a Tuc, eh, but that's in Canada, eh, and we aren't in Canada, eh, so I call it a beanie). I can only assume that this Dumby was cold. I would assume he was cold because he is dead. As I have stated before, we don't do CPR on live subjects. So training Dumby was with me all day. We did chest compressions, rescue breathing and more chest compressions. He was a good sport throughout the day, and didn't complain once. Thanks for being there Dumby.

You can see here that it appears I have no idea what to do with Baby Dumby here. The truth is, well, I have never had to do CPR on an infant. And even though I hope to never have to, at least I know how. On a side note, I will say its nearly impossible to find a femoral pulse on an infant with a rubber leg. For those of you out there reading this, I recommend checking the pulse on a real baby. Its much more effective.

THIS JUST IN: In a freak training accident, multiple people were simultaneously impaled in the eyeball by pencils.
A Pacific North West Tree Octopus was rumored to be in the area, but at this time it can not be confirmed if the elusive sepholopod actually was involved in the bizarre accident. Fortunately, there was a large supply of Styrofoam cups and bandages on scene, and everyone recovered from their injuries by the lunch break.

So, as you can see, when a large group of us get together for training purposes, we have a decent time. And after the gloominess of my previous entry, I felt it important to add a little humor to the event.

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  1. I just hate it when those pencils find eyeballs. You know those styrofoam cups will be in your landfill for 836 years....


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