Jun 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Its my birthday. 32 years ago, at some odd hour of the day or night, I made my escape from the womb that I had been planning for the previous nine months (give or take a few weeks I'm sure). Since that day I have generally made an effort to make sure this day is spend exactly how I want it. Its my day, after all.

So this morning I had grand plans of sleeping in. With Ben in the house, sleeping in might happen, it might not. So I gave it a shot. Ben got to stay up nice and late, which seemed like a good preemptive move in order to get him to sleep in as well. Sadly though, Ben was up at 7 am, before Delia even left for work. So I got to sleep in until about 9, which really isn't that bad.

We palled around the house this morning, got ourselves cleaned up and went to Borders. Ben has had his eyes on a dinosaur encyclopedia and I myself wanted to go buy Phillip Pullman's "The Golden Compass." If you haven't seen the movie, I highly suggest you do. It was excellent, far better than I anticipated. So Delia and I decided we clearly needed the books, as there is obviously a lot of story the movie can't tell in the time allotted. I don't know that I will get time to read today, but you never know.

Now Ben and I are planning a walk to the zoo and into the woods. Hopefully we can track down a few salamanders in the process. Salamander hunting is one of our favorite things to do.

Tonight? It is our little tradition that the other half of this contractual obligation we call marriage takes the celebrating half to dinner. My choice? The Lost Coast Brewery. This is one of my favorite restaurants. I won't say that the food here is amazing, but its always good, and the atmosphere is excellent. Dennis and Shelly will be joining us for dinner, and its always nice to have their company.

For now, though, I need to get going. Its time for a little walking.


  1. Happy birthday...we hope you had a nice day! Maybe you can sleep in tomarrow!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope all your dreams come true.


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