Jul 17, 2008

What happened to summer?

I'm sitting here at 2 in the afternoon freezing my rear end off.  I realize this is an odd statement to make in the middle of July, but its freaking cold here.  Often times I tout the mild weather we have here in Eureka.  It rarely reaches 80 degrees, it rains a lot, and the winter months are full of fog and more rain.  I like the wheather here.  I like that it is never really hot.  But does it have to be 57 today?  Lets take a look around at some of the other areas of interest in my life and see what the temperatures there are:
  1. My sister lives in Arizona, Chandler to be exact.  There in the middle of the desert: 104 degrees.  Pretty dang hot in my humble opinion.
  2. My folks, living in Vacaville, CA: 84 degrees.  Not bad.  I could function in that kind of heat, although I think it borders pretty close on uncomfortably hot.
  3. Ocho Rios, Jamaica, is a nice 84 degrees, although I'm sure the humidity makes it ten times worse.
Ok, so there are a few places of interest to me, that generally hae much warmer weather.  Today the boy and I were planning on going for a walk into the park and then the zoo.  But now it seems we might not be going anywhere, as it is pretty cold outside.

Who would have though that summer could be so cold?


  1. Don't you know that quote by Mark Twain? "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco!" I think that's gotta be true where you live too since you have similar climates! Just got done swimming and I'm already hot again... want to come visit us soon and warm up?

  2. Sorry Adam but it's in the low 90s and Dad and I have been slaving in the backyard with the deck dripping in sweat. Right now 57 sounds great. But the swimming pool feels great after a hard day's work. Want to come and join us? Love Mom

  3. Benicia has nice middle of the road weather. A couple of days ago we went from Benicia to Concord. At the refineries in Martinez we could feel the temperature going up. On the way back we could feel it drop at least 10-12 degrees. It has something to do with the location of the land forms between Benicia and the Golden Gate Bridge. Pretty cool, huh? Excuse my pun.

  4. I have the same preferences as you do in terms of weather. I could totally live up in the north coast. In fact, on a recent trip heading up your way, I started dreaming of a little cottage smack in the cool, moist redwoods. Ahhh. But, for now, for the most part I like the weather where I live in Richmond. It's right on the water, so it stays relatively decent when the temps elsewhere are edging up in the triple digits.

  5. Dont forget your poor cousin in the good old central valley...we are at 96 today, and as the weather man put it "it's going to be a cool day" Ha! I guess it is if you compare to last weeks 109!


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