Mar 6, 2008

The Appointment

Ok, I saw my doctor. As he opened my chart and started going over the report from the CT he was shaking his head, and let fly a couple of expletives. While some might find this as unprofessional, I myself find him to be very personable. So this is what he told me:

First off, there is a complete collapse of the fibular/tibular something-or-other. I really can't begin to say what exactly all that means, but it sounds bad. On the flip side, I think what they are calling a collapse is simply years of abuse and wear.

Second, there are signs of arthritis. Again, there is nothing new there.

Last, there are 4 "loose bodies", also known as bone fragments. The largest of which is nearly 1/2 inch in diameter. This is most likely causing most of my pain.

So there is the report. The doctor's official diagnosis? And I quote, "Your ankle is wrecked."

He then told that my ailments are far beyond the scope of his practice, and I am being referred to an orthopedist. This information is really nothing new to me either, and was expected. It seems ridiculous to me that I have had to go through all this red tape and a couple of hoops in order to see the orthopedist, but that is just the way it goes I guess. I can't say I have ever personally felt the need for health care reform, but if ever I did, it would be now. It should be a little easier than this to get things done.

OK, so for now, I am wearing my little boot on a regular basis, and waiting for an appointment with the orthopedist. I'll keep you posted.

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