Mar 12, 2008

An old friend.

I had the odd chance to talk talk to an old friend yesterday.

Allow me to introduce Kim. Kim and I used to work together in Napa County. For whatever reason, she and I hit things off and became very good friends. As our friendship progressed, it became clear that we were meant to be friends and I can say with 100% confidence, Kim is a true friend, and a good person.

About6 years ago she I were sent to Humboldt County for training. For nearly a month and a half, she and I were shack up at the Red Lion here in Eureka (no, we were not sharing a room). During that time I was dealing with issues in a relationship that was eventually doomed and the fact that Ben was moving to Florida. Kim was a solid friend during that time, and I could have asked for a better person to be stranded in a foreign town with.

Along with that, there were many mornings spent in Fairfield where I had breakfast with her and her family, and truly they took me in as one of there own. For that I grateful and thank her.

Now, its bee quite a while since I have talked to her. Then, by chance, I ended up needing to call my old employment as part of my regular job duties. Odd, eh? So I asked the person I was talking to, "Does Kim still work there?" I was told she did and that she happened to be on duty at that moment. We were reunited and we talked for about 10 minutes (OK, it was a brief reunification, but hey! We were both on clock and things to do!).

I love Kim. I used to call her Mom (of course, no disrespect meant to my own mother, but more a sign of my deep respect for Kim and her friendship). She called me Son. I think she felt the need to watch over, feeling I needed an extra set of eyes to keep an eye on me.

Kim, I have missed you. I hope that we can keep in better touch from now on.

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