Mar 10, 2008

A very expensive cat.

I'm starting to feel as though I have not had a positive thing to say in quite a while. Every time I get a response from friends or family it is condolences and hopes of things getting better. So I want to take a few moments to make it clear that things are not really that bad. In fact, over all, things are pretty good.

Sadly, though, I can't seem to think of a single thing right now that is worth mentioning as positive. But at the same time, I think that things are going just fine, with a jut a few rough spots along the way.

Lets talk about Ubu. Ubu came home yesterday evening. I don't want to talk about the vet bill. I used to think I was the type of guy who, having an old pet who is sick and needing all sorts of medical attention, would say, "Its time to put him down." Apparently I was horribly wrong. In fact, I was so wrong, I found out am the guy who says, "Lets do whatever we can, we'll figure out the finances later." This realization comes as a huge shock, really. Apparently I don't know myself quite as well as I thought I did. On the flip side, we usually have a 2 ton paperweight in bed with us at night and he has been obviously absent the last few days (for a good explanation of why a sleeping cat weighs 2 tons, see this post by my LazyBhuddist Friend). Normally there is a struggle that ensues every night over the covers. I tend to roll to my left, taking covers with me. Delia tends to complain when I do this. Ubu tends to be what saves Delia from being cold. As my son would say, he likes to be in the middle. This is very true. He worms his way between us, even if he has to walk on top of us and force to separate. While I find this nightly ritual annoying, I have to say I have missed it.

Now, he is home. He has to be given medication every 8 hours and and hand fed every 2 hours. Yikes. But he seems to be in OK spirits, although I think there is some resentment at having been left at the Vet all weekend. But I think he'll get over that.

And all in all, life goes on. Sometimes its just a little harder to trudge along than others.


  1. Okay, no condolences from me this time. Enjoy your cat! -- Dad

  2. I'm happy to hear that
    a) Ubu is home and once again hogging the sheets and
    b) You have discovered that you are the type of person who thinks of the pet's well being first, the wallet second.

    I'm keeping a good thought for all of you.


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