Mar 22, 2008

A direction unforseen.

Sometimes it seems that resting is not something I am allowed to do. With all the events of the past week, and preparing for a funeral on Tuesday, life has taken an unexpected turn. And with that turn it seems I am required to reorient myself with the world. I didn't see that turn coming, and I don't know when this reorientation period will be over.

So here I sit at my parents house. I am hiding in an up-stairs room, away from the kids and family and the general ruckus that accompanies them. These things are not bad things, on the contrary, it really has been a pretty good weekend all together. Aside from the 5 hour drive I had to make by myself, things here have been good. If there was any one thing I am looking forward to, though, its a little down time.

A person might think that is hard to come by when I am going to be bringing my 8 year-old son to the house. But truthfully, he is a good boy and I'm looking forward to some father-son time. A walk in the woods, going to the marina and seeing the boats, the park, watching a movie or two. Yes, its going to be a good week. I need it. I think a lot of people need it, I just happened to get lucky enough to get it.

So I have the next week off and I am hoping to find a little bit of energy and spirit that I seemed to have lost recently.

Its going to be a good week.


  1. I can understand the "down time upstairs". I found myself going upstairs for a few quiet moments myself on our Easter Saturday. But then it was fun to come back down to the "ruckus". We miss you both but have fun with Ben this week. He is a jewel.
    Love Mom

  2. I hope you find the peace and serenity you need. And enjoy your week with Ben!


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