Mar 3, 2008

It seems, anymore, that if I am at home I barely have time to do anything. If I am not at home, I am at work. This schedule is not conducive to my overall well being. But I seem to get by anyway. Here is what's new:
  1. The ankle join is causing me pain on a regular basis. A regimen of Motrin and Tylenol helps, but I don't think its an end all solution. It is rather frustrating, though, because I'll be at work and labeled a "gimp," and I just feel like a burden to the shift. Such is life though, and I know its the needed thing to do in order to make it better in the long run. So for now fellow co-workers, you have to pick up my slack.
  2. My truck has been having trouble lately. It has been idling a little on the rough side, and the other day the electrical in the dash went out all together. Then, on Saturday morning, it simply would not start. That sucks. So AAA towed it for us and the prognosis is still unknown.
  3. Our house has been somewhat of a Kitty infirmary. Stinky had her dental work done, and the Vet extracted 6 teeth. On the plus side, she doesn't stink at all any more. I guess we will have to come up with new name for her. Ubu is still not eating and drinking. We are having to administer fluids through IV every other day right now. His prognosis is still unknown.

So that's the rundown. I see the doctor again on Wednesday, but I don't expect to know anything different by that time, only to be referred to an orthopedist.


  1. Boy, it does seem a lot of stressful things are going on. I'm so sorry to hear that Ubu is still not doing well. Good for you for being willing to do the subQ fluids thing. I don't know how Ubu takes it, but my Alaska acts as if I'm killing him. It's a heartbreaking task, but it does make him feel better.

    Hang in there. Make sure you get some time to recharge. I don't know how you're wired, but I know for myself if I don't get a little "me" time pretty soon there's no "me" left to give to others who need me.

    Take care.

  2. Sorry son, what a mess right now.
    Can we do anything to help?
    Love mom and dad

  3. LB, thanks for the support. He takes the Sub-Q like a champ, its really the easier of the chaores we have right now.

    Mom and Dad, no, there is nothing you can do. We'll be fine. thanks though.


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