Mar 9, 2008

A little black rain cloud.

Its Sunday morning. Its 10:15 am. The sun is shining and it looks like its going to be a beautiful day. This is the good news.

Now, lets go on to the little black rain cloud that seems to have settled over our house.
  1. Ubu is still at the Vet. They called yesterday and said he had recovered from his surgery, which didn't yield any results, but was overly sluggish which was concerning them. So they wanted him to stay the weekend. I can't say I blame them for this precaution, but I guess they don't know that sleep and grogginess are an important part of Ubu's life. None the less, he is still there and bill gets higher and higher.
  2. The truck is home and running. The real problem? A burnt valve. Apparently, this is a problem that should be happening to a Toyota with over 200k, not 133k. Lucky me. Its paid off, and now the only question is do we sell it or sink the money into it? My inclination is to sell it and get a bigger truck (which we need anyway). Hopefully things work out here.

OK, so there is our little problems in a nutshell. They really aren't that bad, since the tax return came in and we can afford the needed things. Its just frustrating that it all seems to be happening at once. But what am I to do? No clue really. Just trudge on and hope for the best.

Wow, this has been a rather somber post. Hopefully I'll come up with something later to counteract this gloominess.


  1. Remember the thing about clouds, black or otherwise, is it their nature to move with the wind. Hopefully, the cloud will move along without dumping further drama on your heads. Hope little Ubu recovers from whatever ails him. Your wallets will likewise recover eventually.

    Take care.

  2. Adam & DeliaMarch 9, 2008 at 5:41 PM

    LB: It was Iver that introduced us, and it is life that I thank for making us friends.

    Who knows what lies in store for Ubu. But we love him and will do anything for him.

    Thanks for your support.

    Adam and Delia

  3. Hope things are better up there... we are finding our tax return sucked up into oblivion too... I guess it's good that all this happened during tax season and not christmas season, right?

    Can't wait to see you guys in less than 2 weeks! I might need some valium by the end of the week (do you have any you could bring down for me???) ;-)


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