Jan 28, 2008

A foray into a new world....

Today marked my first foray into the world of Teaching.

In m profession, I am expected to teach new applicants how to "do the job." That simple statement is an understatement it and of itself. My job requires some many thing of the practitioner, and all of these things are dictated by policy and these policies are dictated by law. So to simply say, "do the job" means a whole lot more. An average training period for an applicant is about 10 weeks. On top of that, there is a college course that is mandatory within the first year of employment. To say that today is my first step into a teacher's position is not actually correct. I have taught many new applicants within the facility and instructed them on how to "do the job."

Today was my first time teaching at the required college level. To teach out at the college level is no small feat. Only certain people are allowed to teach at the level, usually those of my rank or higher. And it seams that those are highly coveted positions. To get one it seems someone has to die and leave theirs to you in their will. But as it turns out, I got mine. And as a bonus, no one needed to die, excellent.

So I taught a college level course for five hours. I was very concerned at one point that I would be a failure. And I was worried that I would run through the materials in about 45 minutes and not know what to do next. But none of that happened, and the instructional course was, in my mind, a success.

I believe, given my training and experience, that I know how to my job very well. I also believe I possess the capabilities to impart my knowledge and experience on others in a way that is helpful, positive, and will help them better their careers.

So in the end, I took up about 4.5 hours. Not quite 5, but it was close. I held their attention, they asked good questions, and all in all, it was a success. I can't wait to do it again.


  1. That is so great! Congratulations. I'm so glad it went well for you. Teaching in a classroom setting I believe to be up there on the difficulty scale. Training someone on the job is difficult enough, but the person "needs you" if they want to succeed in their new position. In a classroom though, you run into people who are taking a class because it is required for them to get from point A to point B. That's a whole other ballgame. Not to mention your dealing with a group of individuals coming from differing perpectives and abilities instead of one person or a small group that you can fairly quickly get a feeling for their learning styles. I'm proud and impressed! Way to go, VOR!


  2. Congrats, Adam! We miss you guys! Still trying to plan a visit to CA in March... I'm shooting for the 7-10 days before Easter. It's not definate yet.... I'll keep you posted!

  3. Congrats Adam!
    Dad and I both know the rigors of teaching others. With my job, it was teaching new people "how to teach" and be personable with the patients in the childbirth classes. To me, the personality connection was just as important as the knowledge connection. You can know a ton of material, but you also need the personality to carry it off. Your dad worked hard training as a FTO and making sure they understood "the law".
    Now speaking as your mom, your personality, along with your hard work, equates success in my mind. Watching you over the years, you are very good in front on a group of people. Keep up the good work, we are very proud of you!
    Love ya mom

  4. Your mom pretty much said it all. I really admire your charisma in front of a group. Presentation is a big part of successful teaching as well. Keep up the good work!


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