Jan 20, 2008

A change in plans and a small dilemma.

Even the best made plans can sometimes go awry. When we lost Kat Kat, we had made the descision that we would not get another cat until Ubu goes (we figured a couple of years). Since then, we have discovered there is a certian hole left by Kat Kat's departure. One, that although we had already decided to wait, we both felt needed filling. So, a wierd set of circumstances has filled that hole, our plan wen awry, and we couldn't be happier.

Allow me to introduceThe Cat with no Name. The story goes like this: The other night we went to the pet store, Fin 'n Feather. This is a great local store, and they are wonderful people there. When we got to the counter to pay for our goods, Sara (I think that's her name) askd if we wanted to adopt a kitten. Of course, we couldn't help but check it out. There was this little guy, in a very large kennel, lounging in a little kitty bed. As we approached he lifted his head and started pawing at the air. We played with him for a little bit, then decided it was time to go home. It was getting late and we both ended up going to bed (I had to work the next day).

When I got home from work, Delia and I were talking and found that we had both been thinking about the little guy all day. So it was an easy descision and off we went to the pet store. When we got there, he was gone. At first we simply resigned ourselves to the fact it wasn't meant to be. Then we found out that the person who adopted him earlier that day was nowhere to be found and never came to pick him up. So Chistine, from Friends for Life, was called, and he was brought back to the store the next morning for us to take home.
This little fellow is 7 months old, and he is quite the little character. It took him the better part of yesterday to get used to the house, the other animals (the cats are slowly warming up to him, and Bear just doesn't seem to care that he is here). He gets more brave alll the time and I think he will soon be quite a handfull. He is extremely affectionate, and he loves to sit in the lap and just be loved. So he is a welcome addition to our home.

Now, there is a slight dilemma. A name. This is the first time Delia and I have had to name anything together. And sadly, its proving to be more of a task than I had orrignally thought it would be. We go back on forth on the issue, and keep coming up with ideas that we think would work, but so far we have come up empty.

So that is that, we are now back to a full house, and we are happy with the results. Hopefully we can come up with some sort of name soon, or the poor little guy might end up with some sort of identity crisis.

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