Jan 15, 2008

A cup of coffe, a blog and 12 hour shift.

Here I sit at work. It's 0730, and I have all my tasks for the morning done. So here I sit, with a cup of coffee and a 12 hour shift ahead of me (actually, I'm down to 10.5 hours left). There has be a little talk that people would like to see the living room now that it has been redone. Here are a couple of photos that show off our handy work.

I realize these aren't the most impressive photos, and they don't really show the work that was done. But it looks really nice, and we're quite happy with it. One of our favorite parts of the room is the the Three Caballeros: Heffe, Enrique and Sheldon.

Heffe comes from Michoacan (for the rest of us people who are bad with the Spanish pronunciation, that's pronounced "Meech-whoa-kahn"). Part of the annual Day of the Dead ceremony, skeleton masks are a staple in Mexico, and Michoacan is pretty much the Hub of the Day of the Dead party. Enrique came from Cabo San Lucas. He also is representative of De Dios de los Muertos. Sheldon, being the odd ball, comes from Jamaica. He is simply a representation of Jamaican culture, and looks good up on the wall with his friends.

Our last little friend is our little House Gecko. He comes from somewhere in Mexico, although I honestly don't know where. He's very bright, and looks quite happy on our wall. We like him and the color he adds to the house.

So there you have it, some home improvement and a little photo documentation to support it. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Great work! It's amazing what a coat of paint can do to transform the room! When I paint, I also end up gutting and cleaning and dejunking the room top to bottom, so it's like Extreme Makeover when I'm finished!

    I've already warned mom that her next extended visit to my house will include a paint project - my bedroom!


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