Jan 14, 2008

A word on Parents

There is a funny thing about parents. They don't seem to mind when you need their help. This comes as a shock, here at this time of my life, because I can remember a time in my life when my parents thought that I needed to do things on my own. Now, it seems, I all I have to do is ask and my parents will jump in the recreational vehicle and travel for seven hours to lend a hand.

So I have to say thanks to them. They do a lot and we simply can not repay them for their generosity.

Now a word (or two) about in-laws. No, I don't intend to tell stories about how I make unexpected trips to the city library when they visit, or how Delia's mother calls and tells us that we are folding the clothes the wrong way (the reason for not commenting on these things is they don't exist, for those who were wondering). Instead, I should say that they are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. They have been completely accepting of me and Ben and we certainly feel like we are a part of the family. They too have been generous, and for that we are grateful.

I could not ask for better people to look to as mother and father-in-law.

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  1. You are both very blessed in that regard -- great parents and in-laws. It makes sense that you are both such quality individuals with these people having raised you and serving as examples to you. They set the standard and you both took it to heart and soul. J


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