Jan 25, 2008

Relaxation, Mourning, Gratitude and a little Music

One of my favorite things to do, while I sit and think about the exploits of my life (and how to appropriately share them with the world) is to sit and listen to music. I never realized, with the advent of the mp3 player, how much I would listen to music when it is so readily available.

I have a rather large collection of music, and it gets bigger all the time. Its crazy. And when I hear a song on the radio that I haven't heard for a long time, or one that sparks particular memories, to get this particular piece of music only take a few clicks of the mouse. So here I site, listening to Europe tell me all about the Final Countdown. And although iTunes will want to shuffle to a different song at the conclusion of this one, I'll be searching for another one in my collection, that fits my general mood right now.

So that begs the question: What is my general mood right now? Honestly I'm not sure. I think there is a few different moods jumbled up inside me right now, so I will try to address them as I can.

RELAXED: Today is my day off. It seems like it has been a long time since my last day off (sadly though, its only been 4). But I am home today. I have no real schedule, and I can do the things I need to at my own pace with no sense of urgency. So I have been putting around the house, doing come chores that have needed doing for a little while now, and taking long breaks between each one, and simply loving the fact that I home. I think I am a bit of recluse, as I don't really prefer to go big social functions, I don't really care to hang out with too many people, and think a good home cooked meal and a movie on the couch is a perfect way to spend an evening with the one I love. I think that might be how tonight goes, and I'm excited about that. Yeah, I'm pretty relaxed right now.

MOURNFUL: One of the only things I actually had to do today was take a stool sample to the Vet. Ubu was sick the other day and vomiting pretty heavily. So he was taken to Vet. Dr. Bithel is a very nice woman, and I am glad she came to our particular clinic. When I got there, there was a woman leaning over the bed of a pick up truck. There was a rather large dog there who looked miserable. I went inside and the followed me. The receptionist came to the counter and asked who was first. They lady from the truck said I was but then said she needed help right away. Her dog was hemorrhaging in the bed of the truck and unable to stand. They needed help. There was a pained look on her face and, of course, I stood back and let them take priority. About the same time a young couple came out of one the exam rooms, quietly thanking the Dr., holding a small cardboard box. Here was a woman, more than likely about to lose a companion (based on the amount of blood I saw in the back of the truck when I left) and a young couple who had in fact lost a companion. Delia and I recently were the ones to come out of the room with a cardboard box, and I knew exactly how they all feel. Pain sucks, no matter where it comes from, and I know thier's, and hope it isn't too bad.

GRATEFUL: Although Ubu was sick, and we were pretty worried, his tests came back perfectly normal. For a 14 pound cat who is 13 years old, he is functioning normally, and is very healthy. So he had a bit of an upset stomach (who knows what caused it) but I would happily spend the money again to make sure that he is OK, and make sure if he isn't that we do all we can to help him along. We lost one pet recently, and seeing the pain in the faces of others facing the same type of loss, I think it would be too soon to face that pain again. So I am grateful he is OK, and that he will be around for a while longer.

So there it is. Me in a nutshell for the day. Tomorrow, who knows what that will be like? But for right now, there is a movie on in the other room and I think the couch is calling me back.


  1. A trip to the vet can either be really heartwarming, seeing how much people love their little fur friends, or it can be heartbreaking. I'm sorry for your recent loss. I lost a beloved kitty in the last six months, and I know the pain. I'm glad to hear Ubu is fine. Waiting for the test results can be nerve wracking, but there are no sweeter words than "everything looks normal, s/he may just have a little bug and should probably be fine in a few days."

  2. Your not kidding about that. JNow, if only I could get him to get a job.....

  3. Hey, Ubu is doing his job! I believe the job description for a cat includes the following:

    Express one's displeasure with inappropriate excretion
    Pay the slightest of attention to the humanoids that provide food
    Cough up hairballs
    Frighten humanoids into expressing their love by giving large percentages of their income to vet
    Act as if nothing happened.

    Yup, sounds like Ubu is doing his job just fine. :)


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